70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: May I?
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WilbaW wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

They are trying to undermine my credibility because they don't like what I say.

No Bob, we all know this is not about what you say, it's about how you say it. Stop the deliberately provocative mystification.

Wrong. All I said was what was correct and clear. Too clear for you and your colleagues. As I said to another of your ilk, I am a believer in cause and effect, and also in evidence. So, let's look at your entry into the discussion about what the 7D is made of:

I had said

there are plenty of teardowns and from them it is obvious that the chassis is plastic.

And you said

This sounds like one of those nonsensical statements that turns out to be almost plausible if you use remarkably esoteric, obscure, or obtuse definitions of "chassis" and/or "plastic". Or maybe it's just that magnesium painted black looks like plastic in those teardowns. For the rest of us there's
Body material - Magnesium alloy and
magnesium construction.


Pretty clear from this, who is teh one trying to obfuscate. My remarkably esoteric, obscure or obtuse definitions of 'chassis' and/or 'plastic' turn out to be the everyday ones. Plastic - a polymer material, Chassis - the framework that holds everything together. And then your two links, which are just links to the DPR spec pages. I find this now a common ploy with the obfuscator, in the knowledge that most people won't follow links, you put in ones that say nothing at all in support of your case.

And I showed it. That's what galls with you people. OK, I'll admit, it's how I say it - I say it clearly, unequivocally and what I say is true, which doesn't suit you own agendas. Everything I have said about the 7D is this thread is the truth. It is germane to the discussion and also relevant to those making equipment choices. Everything you have done is to obfuscate, because that suits your own agenda.

That includes this post. Your not right, and you've been shown not to be right, so the next best thing is to pretend that the person who showed you not to be right has some kind of bad agenda, or is behaving badly by being right. Well, I'm not buying it and you'll find that the only people who do are those that share your own agenda.

And we're not fooled by you liking your own posts.

Time to stop feeding the troll guys.

That really is pathetic. Just label everyone who disagrees with you a 'troll'. Absolute typical fanboy tactics. No-one is fooled by the subsequent obvious attempts to appear fair minded by discussing the merits of other systems, either.

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