70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: Huge conflict of interest.
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carlk wrote:

MAC wrote:

ehliysehr wrote:

just for laughs!

The time of the year when Canon Fanboys whines about the new Camera Specs.

When Nikon Fanboys flocks to to this side of forum to troll.

Fanboys anticipating Ken Rockwell's announcement on what will be his new favorite camera.

Fanboys guessing the new DXO mark Score!

Fanboys creating fake accounts claiming they bought the camera but post no pictures.

Some buys the camera, post the picture praise the IQ and ergo but complains about the lack of DR they so they will return it and goes back to to the brand they love.

Feel free to add more

and thread after thread with these will max out at 149...because too much time on trolls hands

in the end, the two mfg's know they haven't delivered what we really want long term, it is just another iteration positioned to sell enough to make enough until the next iteration to make more and more.

the mfg's know they are pocketing more and more of the dollars earned in photography via gear iterations versus true innovations

- giant sucking sound to the big two in the past, but the sony's and fuji's and oly's can help us out of the big two oligopoly

Consumers want value but companies want profit. Profit is always their top priority if not the only priority. That's just the nature of business and nothing wrong with that.

Totally agreed. In a competitive market, profit comes from offering the consumer value, otherwise they just go elsewhere.

You're right thank god there is competition. Smart consumers should reward the best (to the consumer) company. Blind loyalty to one particular company is just stupid.

Brand identification is a marketing game, and a productive one. If a company can successfully sell the brand as having value in itself, it adds to the deal the consumers see themselves getting. But there are people who swallow the whole brand thing whole, and play it like it's family or football team (which of course is itself just a form of brand marketing). In the end, we are pack animals, and people like to feel belonging to a pack.

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