70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: 70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?
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and thread after thread with these will max out at 149...because too much time on trolls hands

in the end, the two mfg's know they haven't delivered what we really want long term, it is just another iteration positioned to sell enough to make enough until the next iteration to make more and more.

the mfg's know they are pocketing more and more of the dollars earned in photography via gear iterations versus true innovations

- giant sucking sound to the big two in the past, but the sony's and fuji's and oly's can help us out of the big two oligopoly

It's interesting that some people do really seem to think that manufacturers (in this case Canon and Nikon) are only interested in profit and ripping people off. And that 'gear iterations' apparently have little value compared with 'true innovations'. What exactly are 'true innovations'? Does something have to be completely new, as opposed to having an incremental improvement to have value? I'd argue that for something where reliability is important, e.g. cameras, cars, etc., an unproven innovation is not worth much at all. Now it could be different if you are talking about something like, say, F1 motor racing where evolution has reached a limit whereby most cars would perform almost identically unless radical innovations are made (some would say to circumvent the 'rules') that enable small (often very small) steps forward. However these are often at the expense of reliability and while that might be acceptable in the rarefied environment of F1 where engines often have a life of only a few thousand miles, or a couple of races, it sure as hell wouldn't be in a road car where life expectancy has to be in hundreds of thousands and for many years. Or in a camera.

But I'd agree that it is dangerous to have only two manufacturers seriously manufacturing DSLRs. Much as Canon and Nikon might think of the other as deadly competitors, there is actually a mutual respect and a knowledge that without the other there is not going to be a healthy market situation. Certainly Canon's attitude (I can't speak for Nikon's) is that Nikon's failure would be the last thing they would want. However I'm not sure Sony, Fuji or Olympus as quoted above can really help the DSLR position, although they might have an impact on the market via different formats.

I agree.

Companies look for future existence of the organisation. Putting products on the market for max. profit isn't always the best to do if you want buyers to come back. The real profit (maxing the profit) is in the organisation itself concerning manufacturing proces, procuring etc. since a certain technology with a certain quality will cost a certain amount of money.

my impression is: their profits are in their glass sales.

so therefore, for example, they tell customers the days of 1.3 are over and maybe even higher end 1.6 after a few more releases. Why do they do this? To sell bigger glass versus the built in like TC within the body. Let's be honest - they grind their teeth on each release and cripple some feature just so they can sell it the next time

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Cheers Mike

Absolutely, but we are so stupid to buy that all that stuff.

And if you were a manufacterer and could get away with it wouldn't you?

yes, but:

as I said competition is a good thing, even outside the big two, so it will not be so easy for them to get away with it if there is competition

Good marketing creates demands and we all fall for it. Now BD 1080p is the standard but the next thing 4k is already there.

no question they are great marketers. They look at each feature to determine if it will canalization one of their more expensive systems

it just drove me nuts though - until I figured out how to beat it -- so one way in my opinion to beat them is to buy 1 generation used for a small fraction of the intro price. Take advantage of those seeking the latest and greatest innovation. That is what I did 3.5 years ago with buying a thousand dollar 5dc that had 17,000 shutter count on it and I had the mirror fixed, body adjusted and put a brand new $215 shutter in the body. The photo IQ is great. Paid good dividends.

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Cheers Mike

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