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Re: May I?
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Limburger wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Limburger wrote:

I agree with Wyville.

Why am I not surprised at all by that?

I didn't see anybody questioning your knowledge but never saw you levelling so there is dialogue instead of arguement.

What Wyville imo is basicly telling you that all the knowledge in the world is worthless if you can't portrait it to others aka peopleskills.

Comming from a technical medical background myself I learned a lot of theory but in the field is getting you nowhere if not open for a more emperical instead of theoretical approach.

If some posts something wrong you can jump on it or say the person might be mistaken resulting in totally different relationships.

You made me think about a guy at work, his education level is ok but with his approach to matters he never is going anywhere.

So, you continue with argumentum ad hominem. This is very simple, in the end, you all worked out that I was right, because the evidence is compelling. You don't want me to be right, so the only way you have of defending your 'point of view' is to attack me personally, which is exactly what you have all done, with a vengeance. Your problem is, to paraphrase the old saying, that I actually enjoy wresting with pigs, and I don't mid getting dirty. So, since I'm quite happy to give back everything you throw at me, with a little more - you just escalate the personal attacks.

It doesn't bother me at all, I have quite enough peer esteem in my everyday life to satisfy my ego. I don't feel the need to stroke people's fragile egos here just to avoid the consequent personal attacks. In fact, I have fun with them.

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First, if I was to agree with you I would be wrong.

Second, the so called attack on you is just what you do and blame me for doing.

I'm a strong believer in cause and effect. Also in evidence. So let's see who attacked who. Here is your ´╗┐entry´╗┐ into this thread:


'Get a life.'

That's it. How about that?

And in terms of a satisfied ego I see the very oppsite. Everytime somebody disagrees with you you start to quote Latin (argumentum ad hominem).

Factually inaccurate. There are many posts here where people have disagreed with me and I haven't used latin.

The people that even point that out (try to help) to you,

Your the first person to pint out my supposed propensity for quoting latin, so that one doesn't hold up either. And if you think you and the others are 'trying to help', then you are either terminally dim, or being economical with the truth. Non-one here is 'trying to help' me. They are trying to undermine my credibility because they don't like what I say. That is what 'argumentum ad hominem' is all about. To quote form wikipedia:

An ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against their argument.[2] Ad hominem reasoning is normally described as an informal fallacy,[3][4][5] more precisely an irrelevance.

That is exactly and precisely what has been happening here. No-one had any evidence against what I said, so they chose to argue against me instead.

you go argumentum ad hominem (mirroring the reasoning).

No I don't. You are confusing trading derogatory comments with the fallacy of argumentum ad hominem. If any one of you had had anything sensible to say, I would have discussed it sensibly and weighed whatever evidence you had produced against mine. As it happens all any of you wanted to do was produce arguments against me, rather than what I said, so I respond in kind. As I said, I don't care if the pig enjoys it, I enjoy it too.

I can read between the lines I see a lot more than I just posted.


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