70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: One comment about plastics
In reply to Wyville, Mar 3, 2013

Wyville wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

It's not 'natural', it is a cultural response. There is no innate characteristic that gives a person a greater affinity for metal than plastic.

"Natural" or "cultural" is a matter of semantics and not important.

Every matter of separation of concerns seems to be a 'matter of semantics' to you. Why do we not just have one word that means everything? It would make learning languages simpler.

So, your measure for quality is the brand name. That is not a surprise to me.

Derogative and presumptuous. I have no brand loyalty and love Nikon's products as much as those of Canon.

I said simply that your measure for quality is a brand name, that is the simple corollary of your previous statement that 'I know that if Canon produces a camera at a certain segment level, that it will live up to expectations' - you make your assessment of whether it is liable to 'live up to expectations' purely on brand name. If it is 'derogative and presumptuous' simply to draw the inference of what you yourself said, then so be it.

But, you have no information that the 7D is in any way more robust that a D80, all you have is a general impression that Canon's marketing has given you. That is why they are as successful as they are.

Yes, it's all down to marketing... Oh wait no, I used a D80 for a year and went and tried out the 7D and D300 to see how different the feel would be and preferred the build of the latter two over the D80. You know, we buy luxury items because we like them. I don't justify it beyond that.

But you seem to need to. I have never said anything against your right to like the products that you like, nor have I castigated you in any way for liking them.

You started this subthread with (in reply to Ramesh's 'according to most reviews 7D construction is rugged and made of Magnesium alloy.'):

I have no idea why Bob needs to pretend otherwise, everybody knows the 7D is magnesium alloy. I'm beginning to suspect there might be ulterior motives at play.


So, it was unequivocally you that started the 'ad-hominem' nature of this sub-thread, now you accuse me of being 'derogative and presumptuous'. Sorry, you take what you dish out. If you had wanted to conduct this discussion as a level headed and fact based examination of how Canon builds its cameras, you'd not have started that way.

I have stated a simple fact about how the 7D is build. It is pertinent to the topic of this thread. The fact that I am now surrounded by a small gaggle of f*nboys, engaging in every ad-hominem argument they can think of in opposition to this simple fact speaks volumes.

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