70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: 70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?
In reply to Wyville, Mar 3, 2013

Wyville wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Wyville wrote:

Feel free to do so, but don't expect me to take it seriously.

I think that being taken seriously by someone who chooses to shape their views as you do is probably not a good thing.

I'm quite happy that sensible people take me seriously. Being seen as a nuisance by fanboys is not a bad thing.

Let's talk about knowledge and being sensible.

If you want.

I come here for a bit of fun, it's my hobby after all. I simply like talking about photography gear and never claim to be an expert on these matters, nor do I take myself seriously.

Now, that seems to be in contradiction with the earnest tone of this post, doesn't it. It shows all the signs of someone taking themselves too seriously.

I know you have a lot of engineering knowledge and that part I take seriously. That is logical since I think it's important to respect people's expertise, and in matters of matter of my own expertise I expect to be taken seriously as well.

Certainly, anyone who displays expertise, I take seriously.

The problem I have with your posts is that you appear to be going around posting remarks you very well know will cause responses

Well, that is rather the point of forums, isn't it? They get a bit dull if no-one responds to anyone else's posts.

(like claiming the D300 is better at all levels than the 7D on a Canon forum)

I never ever claimed that. So you can take down that straw man.

, that you know people can easily misinterpret (like the semantic game about "shell" and "chassis" etc.),

Now you are engaging in a semantic game, by trying o make out that there is no meaningful difference between the concept of 'shell' and 'chassis;, and you're doing it because you want to deny that the structural load bearing parts of your brand of camera are made of one material while the structural load bearing parts of a competitors are made of another. Let's look at the dictionary definitions of the two words:

From Dictionary.com we have the relevant part for 'shell':

that you know lead to your area of expertise. All that once you spot any type of mistake you can pounce on it and "wow" everyone with your expert knowledge.

I'm not about wowing people with my expert knowledge. I get every chance to do that in my day job, and in my other jobs. In those I'm identified by my full name, and the kudos comes right back to me. What I do here is correct misinformation, because misinformation has a way of growing and confuses many people.

Even if, no 'especially' if your knowledge is at a far higher level than anyone else's, it is your responsibility not to play games, but to respectfully inform.

Which is what I do. The disrespect only comes when people like you choose to disrespect me just for telling the truth, and then you find that I will give as well as you do.

Didactically your posts are extremely poor and seem to serve no other purpose than to make you feel good about yourself. That‚Äč is what I don't take seriously. A supposed expert going around an internet forum trying to impress lay people is not something I can take very seriously. And I recognize it because I'm embrarrassed to say I did the same thing during my first few years at uni, except I grew out of it.

You are perfectly entitled to your view of my posts, but many people disagree with you, and ones that I have some respect for. So speaking personally, I don't care what you think on this at all.

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