Nikon - A little venting.

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Re: A study in drama
In reply to moving_comfort, Mar 2, 2013

Oh give me a break, don't be so dramatic. You're not going to 'spend time studying' anything but your own dramatic, overblown rhetoric.

You're right. I'm not going to study anything. I've already pretty much got it figured out, but I didn't want to sound like a total know it all.

There's not a 'cult of Nikon', just a 'cult of statistical probability' and 'cult of accurate methodology' and a 'cult of reasonable expectations.' Most of us are not defending the D800 per se, just arguing against the irrational and hysterical responses mixed in with the downright trolling.

I have a degree in mathematics, so I know something about probabilities. I also know that there are no accurate statistics or methodologies available to us with regards to these cameras. If I'm wrong, please share your scientific method. The only "statistics" that you could possibly have (unless you work for Nikon) is your belief that a manufacturer like Nikon does so much R&D and QC that there couldn't possibly be such a widespread problem with their cameras.

IMO, your statistics are your faith, but if you have any real numbers, please share.

Absent hard numbers, the sheer number of complaints is quite telling. Based on my experience, a volume of complaints this large is nearly as good as having a well conducted study.

And then there's this:

"In general, about 1 out of 4 cameras requires sensor cleaning after a rental. All 20 of the D600s did."

Personally I feel the new citizen moderators should take a more active role in policing the threads. In an external Pentax forum I'm a member of, threads on the same subject get merged together, and if a poster opens more than one thread on the same 'complaint' subject, they can get a quick warning about spamming the forum. It works very well. The complainers still get to let off steam, but they are not allowed to overrun the forum.

I think the less moderation the better, but if someone's starting a lot of threads on the same topic, then I agree.

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