70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: 70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?
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WilbaW wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

there are plenty of teardowns and from them it is obvious that the chassis is plastic.

This sounds like one of those nonsensical statements that turns out to be almost plausible if you use remarkably esoteric, obscure, or obtuse definitions of "chassis" and/or "plastic". Or maybe it's just that magnesium painted black looks like plastic in those teardowns. For the rest of us there's Body material - Magnesium alloy and magnesium construction.

Well, when Roger Cicala did his teardown of the 5DIII and the chassis looked to me plastic, I emailed him to ask what it was. he said plastic. And as for chassis, I mean it in its usual sense, the bit that is structural, that connects the lens mount to the sensor.

What's interesting is your efforts to deny the simple truth about how Canon builds its cameras. No-one has suggested that the construction is inadequate. I've had a 5D which has suffered sore abuse over years and has never failed mechanically. Its construction is just the same, plastic chassis, magnesium shell. But you want to insist that 'maybe its just that magnesium painted black looks like plastic'. No, it doesn't. Anyone with experience in designing that kind of product can tell the difference. You can't give paint either the texture or the sharp edges, and that includes powder coating - at some point in the process it's a liquid which is bound to give a radiussed edge. Funny, I had the same kind of reaction when the first leaked pictures of the 60D came out, I could see straight away that it had a plastic shell, and said so. I was besieged by people syaing no, it must be metal, toy can't tel painted thixo-moulded magnesium form plastic by its finish. Well, you can, and I was right. I'm also right about this. I know I'm right about the 5DIII, because I got direct confirmation from Roger Cicala, and then the 5DIII with the ripped off lens mount. I'm also right about the 7D, because the same signs are there, and to anyone who knows anything about industrial design and has any experience with it, it's very clear.

As for your links for the 'rest of us', what do they mean. A reviewer who hasn't disassembled the camera and seen what's inside interprets the press release, where Canon's marketing people have deliberately given the impression that they want to.

Here is the truth. All Canons except the 1D series have a plastic chassis. The 7D, 5D series and xxD prior to the 60D have a thin, non-structural magnesium alloy shell. Take it as you wish, but it is the truth. Another truth is that without access to the designers detailed calculations, or extensive destructive testing, you or anyone else has any idea which of the metal or plastic shells is actually stronger.

Canon's marketing is very cute, much more so than Nikon, which seems clumsy and naive by comparison. One good reason why that D300s doesn't sell so well is quite likely that Nikon doesn't want to sell it, very likely it makes hardly any profit per item at the price it needs to sell at. By contrast, the 7D is a much cheaper to build camera which commands the same or higher retail price, and makes a tidy profit each one, so Canon sells it in its thousands. I know which is smarter business.

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