70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Re: 70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?
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As the 7d outdid the D300, Canon will try to outdo the D7100. And within 100$ of it. Count on it.

It all depends on what you mean by 'outdid'. The 7D didn't 'outdo' the D300 on anything but pixel count. In fact in most ways it was behind, but it sold much better. Looks like we're going to see the same with the D600 and 6D. My best bet is that we'll see something very close to the current 7D, updated and upgraded but not so much, 3.2" LCD, maybe new version of 45 point AF, but at the D7100 price point, and it will probably sell better than the D7100. Probably no 70D, for the reasons you say.

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I've seen you make this claim many times now. I'm puzzled. Did you have a bad experience with a 7D? I can't understand why you insist on making such an obviously false claim as this over and over again. The D300 is a fine camera, but the 7D is better in every respect, except number of AF points, and there's no evidence that it actually performs any better as a result of having more points.

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And, the 7D is better in AF

In what sense is it 'better' do we have any sensible and thorough comparisons.

...unless you shoot birds on good light. Those side cross sensors...everyone knows they are better...

Well 'everyone' might know it, but 'everyone' is wrong. The answer is that the only advantage a cross point has over a linear one is its ability to lock onto focus if there is pattern in one direction only (relatively rare) but there are compromises for the, mainly the need for extra field lenses, which means less sensitivity. Add to that that cross points are less effective towards the edge of the frame, due to the optics of phase detection, and we have the situation where which is better at the edges is not a simple question. nikon had reasons for their design choice - they could easily have done it Canon's way but decided differently.

just try to use a simple sensor in dim light with a moving target...good luck...wont' work well at all. Therein the 7D af is superior.

Therein it isn't. Every chance is that in dim light the D300 will work better because it's more sensitive edge sensors have more chance of grabbing focus so long as there is horizontal detail (and there usually is). So, unless one has done the detailed tests, you can't simply say that the 7D beats the D300 just because it has more cross points. In any case they aren't really cross points apart from the centre, and they aren't located where you think, plus there are gaps in the array. All potential problems, and the 7D system has consistently had its issues, reported but ignored by people here. plenty of threads about it, just as much as the D800, look at this post , over a year from its release and it still had issues. &d owners probably think it is so good because they have mostly stepped up from the xxD and Rebel systems, which are really very basic.

Why Nikon puts a 3x5 array vertically is a mystery. Much better would be to have a cross arrangement, with 5x2 sensors horizontally placed, and the rest vertically . They seem not to be willing to change.

Or it could just be that the people at Nikon know more about autofocus system design than you do, ever thought of that? Even Canon doesn't lay out the AF as you suggest. There are reasons. As I said, cross points are inevitably compromised towards the edges, and they come at a cost in sensitivity, so it is a moot point whether you put in a compromised cross point or a better functioning linear. the cross point has the one advantage, it can grab detail in two directions, but that isn't so good if it can't grab anything due to the low light and the optical problems that edge cross points have. Nikon engineers came to one conclusion about the balance, Canon to a different, but both views have their validity, it isn't clear that one is 'better'. Most likely one or the other will be 'better' in different situations.

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