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Bill Randall
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Chato wrote:

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Son Of Waldo wrote:

I'm not just reading statistics on the Internet here folks (oh, hi Dave). I've seen what long term disability can do to people, up close, with my own two eyes. It becomes a way of life, good, active minds with NOTHING to do. Which can lead to low self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, criminal activities or DEATH, even.

Then you better Google what you actually ​GET​ from disability. No none can live a "comfortable" life in the suburbs if they're collecting Federal disability insurance.

From the benefits page of SSI Disability:

The Federal Benefit Rate for 2010 provides for a maximum Social Security Disability payment under SSI of $674 for an eligible individual and $1,011 per month for an eligible married couple. Living arrangements that affect Social Security Disability benefits under SSI include 1) a single individual living in his or her own household, 2) a disabled child living with his or her parents in their household, 3) a married individual and his or her ineligible spouse living in their own household, 4) a married couple, both of whom are eligible for benefits, and 5) all these arrangements, if the people concerned live in someone else’s home. The amounts are higher for those who are blind. Some states supplement the Federal Benefit Rate.

The dollar amounts mentioned above are the maximum Social Security Disability payments available under SSI. This amount is reduced by your countable income. Two common exceptions to the resource limit are a home and a car. In addition, some expenses, such as work related disability expenses, are deducted from income. There is no waiting period to received Social Security Disability benefits under SSI if you meet the eligibility requirements. Broadly, these requirements state that you must

Disability Benefits

Now perhaps you can live high on the hog with the above, but I can't


But are there other benefits available such as food stamps?

We can add the $200 bucks a month to the generous $1,000 and ​BINGO - ​The life style of a millionaire!

Why I don't file for disability is a mystery to me? I could be living a life of leisure in my refrigerator box. And I assure you that maintaining the payments on the box, and my brand new bicycle will be a piece of cake. Obviously people like me who are used to making ends meet on $1200 a week, can live the same style of life on $1200 a month. It's part of the new math that Republicans and Fox viewers are preaching to the Public.

​"Live better with a lot less, Vote Republican" ​sounds like a winning campaign slogan!

My point was you cannot look at just disability financial compensation. We have so many city, state and federal welfare programs that looking at compensation from only one source is an understatement of benefits. These people will not live a life of leisure but I think you paint a darker image than is real. Even some of our television adds indicate welfare availability for the needy. Case in point - electric powered wheelchairs at no or little cost to you.

Sounds good doesn't it? Well let me provide the down side. Exercise is something we all need, and the older one gets the more important it becomes. Some people getting these powered wheel chairs are ruining their muscles for no reason but laziness, and an opportunity for wheelchair companies to make more money at taxpayer expense.

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