70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Wyville wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Nor with that. However, the question that has to be asked is what is the actual size of the market for the 7D as an action camera.

I think it's substantial enough for Canon and Nikon to take it seriously.

Our views differ, then. Of course, both Nikon and Canon will have better researched and sounder data than either you or I, and will most likely act on that.

The 6D is not at all a 'full frame Rebel' and that pejorative description betrays where you are coming from. The 'pros on a budget' idea is a bit of a non-starter. If you are a 'pro' and your livelihood depends on having the gear to do the job, then you buy the gear to do the job, and don'r make a false economy on gear that doesn't quite do the job. A pro on a budget would be much more likely to go for a 1DIV.

Actually, I've seen a surprising number of professional wildlife photographers use a 7D. That said, the 1DmkIV is no longer available and thus limited to the second hand market. In that case too I have heard many comments from wildlife/sports photographers who couldn't understand why Canon dropped the APS-H format (although Canon maintains it is not dead).

If Canon is truthfully maintaining that it is not dead, then there is even less chance of a linear replacement for the 7D. A new APS-H camera could only slot under the 5DIII, and could not be a studio/landscape jobby (that slot taken by the 6D) - So we are talking about a sub $2k, action oriented camera. They couldn't sell an '7D Mk II' against that. As to why Canon dropped APS-H in the 1D - simple, they saw that Nikon's offer of FF was doing better in the market, so they matched it (and a bit more).

It's exactly in the same 'segment' but positioned a bit lower. All it lacks with respect to the 7D is a couple of FPS and some buffer. That means that it is a little shy if FPS is everything to you, a bit better in some other ways. In most respects of functionality the D7000 blew the 60D out of the water and if the 70D (if it appears) is a normal Canon evolution of the 60D, it will similarly not compete.

It is not just fps. The AF, tracking, customizability of the AF and tracking, the whole package of the 7D was (at the time of release) unheard of for an APS-C camera.

Canon APS-C. The D300 already comfortably surpassed it in all of those, as will the D7100, since it has the D4 AF.

I think you grossly underestimate what the 7D really means to wildlife/sports enthusiasts and pros on a budget.

I don't think that I do. The question is not what it means to those people, but how many of them are there, and where would they go if Canon offered a slightly differently oriented package. If they have no-where to go, then Canon loses no sales by offering something with a broader appeal. I still think the 'pros on a budget' thing is a red herring. As I said, if you're really a pro, and your livelihood depends on it, you stretch your budget to get what you need. If a pro is in the band where the $3k spread over 2 or 3 years between a 7D and 1D makes a real difference, they are probably in the wrong profession.

How much more do they invest in 'big lenses' than the other guys? And if you're willing to spend $kkk's on 'big lenses', why are you trying to save a $k or so on a cut price body?

You misunderstand what I was saying. The 7D is not a cut price body, and a 7DmkII closer to the 1DX in terms of features would be even better.

'Cut price' is relative. The 7D is cut price compared to the 1D. It does not have the top level AF. It does not have the top level body construction. It does not have the top level controls. It doesn't have those things so that it can cost $1900, not $4000.

It's not about saving money by using a smaller sensor, it's about increasing the features of a body with an APS-C sensor.

Why can there not be a high-end APS-C body?

OK, What if Canon introduces a EOS-1D A, same as the 1D X, same price but with an APS-C sensor. Would you buy it? If not, how can you say it's not about saving money?

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