70D and 7Dmk2 is coming what to expect?

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Wyville wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Well, at the expense of dredging up history, you were dead wrong about APS-H going broader and I think you're equally wrong about this. Canon has a long history, since they started their DSLR line with the D30, of introducing new sensor technology in lower end models before updating their higher end models -- effectively being "upside down" in terms of sensor technology between product lines for a period of time. Best examples of this would be in the Rebel line, where they often introduced a new sensor there prior to its showing up in the xxD series. I think the chances of keeping over a 3+ year old sensor in the next xxD camera are basically slim to none. Even if it means that the 7D is outclassed by the 70D in some ways for a little while, it seems almost ridiculous to think that they'd try to extend the 18MP technology yet another generation in either of their prosumer/semi-pro crop lines. They may not up the MP count (though I'm betting they will), but my guess is that it will have significant improvements in other areas directly pertaining to IQ (noise, DR, etc.). Some derivative of that sensor will likely show up in the 7DMk2, but with a host of other improvements in AF, etc. which will keep it clearly positioned as Canon's premium crop camera.

It's all speculation now... let's compare notes once Canon lifts the curtain on the 70D.

I think you're pretty much spot on. The 70D will likely be going back up to what the 50D was since the 60D (the Rebelized 50D) has not been very well received. That way it can compete with the D7100 in a very nice enthusiast segment.

The 7DmkII I expect to go a step up. The concept of an APS-C 1D has been proven extremely successful and there are a lot of positive responses from people wanting Canon to take it a step further.

There is no 'APS-C 1D'. The 7D is way short of a 1D in every aspect of its capability. What there has been is a huge marketing success in convincing people that a beefed-up 50D is a 'APS-C 1D'. However, there is the added aspect of $2k FF now, which is bound to suck money for APS-C cameras out of that price point. I can't see another APS-C camera at $1800-$2k. Much more likely the 7D MkII will be a straightforward linear upgrade, maybe no faster, new AF - perhaps an evolved version of the old 45 point system but critically a few hundred dollars less, in direct competition with the D7100. Then there will be no 70D, just the 60D will go on forever, gradually sagging in price.

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