Paranoia Strikes Back

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Re: Paranoia Strikes Back
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Slider44 wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

The greater the fear of being attacked the more you arm yourselves and the more you arm yourselves the greater the chance of being attacked so you get bigger and better arms as does everyone else and you fear even more. Great for the gun makers, doctors, lawyers, morticians but not for the paranoid lot. The good side to this it cannot be perpetual, you'll all kill each other off eventually and already have a good start.

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Just want to give you some facts if I may.

Here goes. Homicide rates based on GUN OWNERSHIP per 100,000 population.

#1. Honduras. (68.43 homicides per 100K population) Est. 500,000 gun owners.

#2. El Salvador. (39.9 homicides per 100K population) Est. 400,000 gun owners.

#3. Jamaica. (39.4 homicides per 100K population) Est. 215,000 gun owners.

#4. Venezuela. (38.97 homicides per 100K population ) Est. 2,850,000 gun owners

#5. Guatemala. (34.81 homicides per 100K population) Est. 1,650,000 gun owners.



#28. United States. (2.97 homicides per 100K population) Est. 270,000,000 gun owners.

Note: The United States clearly ranks #1 in gun ownership based on total population world wide, but ranks 28th (of reporting countries that is) of homicides per 100K population at 2.97

Note: Jamaica has a 39.4 rate per 100K, yet owns only an estimated 215,000 guns in their country. Form your own opinions of why.

Note: Please note the high number of homicides per 100K of the top 5 countries, and then note the number of estimated guns owned in those countries. Again, form your own opinions of why.

Thanks for reading.

Are you sure you want to compare the United States to Third World Banana Republics? What a letdown. That is some extreme to justify the high gun violence in America.

I really did not try to justify anything.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I posted twice that you should "form your own opinions".   Facts are kind of hard to dispute, regardless of how you want to compare them though.

But, regardless, form your own opinion as you will.  I respect your view, regardless of whether I agree with it or not.

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