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schmegg wrote:

But, chose the 50/1.4 on the 1Ds3 (about $300 right now) and find me ANY lens in the world that comes even close on the 60D to it, equivalent settings.

Wrong. Even the 60D will outresolve the 1D3 in certain situations. Which is precisely why the assertions you are making are flawed.

What situations? Coca Cola glass on the 1D3? Do not forget that the 1D3 crops there are done with the old-fashioned Canon processing. The 5D looks very mushy with that processing, as well.

Wait, the 24-105 at f/4.5 on the 1Ds3 beats the EF-S 60 on the 60D at f/2.8!

No. Only sometimes. Try a reach limited shot with them.

You are right. The EF-S is not only softer but it is reach limited!

What I am doing is prescribing a method to test the resolving power of different cameras.

The method is repeatable and provides consistent results regardless of the lens used. It is what would be considered a scientific approach to measuring a specific image quality parameter.

Do not tell me  that you know anything about science!

You, on the other hand, are prescribing a method that provides entirely inconsistent outcomes. Using this method, we find that one camera may or may not outresolve the other, depending on the situation! LOL!

You must be a lawyer, really. Let us see you birds shot with the 400/5.6 on crop, and you bug shot with your macro lens 1:1. Come on, you have a crop camera and never used its advantages? That cannot be true!

When comparing systems, you need to do it in a honest way, without being a ... (you know what I mean). Choose lenses of similar class, price, something that people actually buy and shoot with. Or just choose a decent, even a cheap prime on FF and try to find a match for it on crop.

Fine. I choose the 100/2.8 L macro and I choose to shot at maximum macro magnification - because I wish to resolve as much subject detail as possible!

What will I find?

That no lens on crop can match the 100L on FF, 1:1, duh!

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