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Re: Not anymore
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Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Actually, this could possibly be a very nice revenue stream for Nikon. Everyone has specific wants and needs with their camera's feature set but are reluctant to pay for the features that they don't use....human nature. However, if Nikon (or other camera manufacturers) offered DLC features at an upgrade price point it would benefit both parties. The user (presumably a HDR fan) would be able to upgrade his bracketing options if desired. Even a nominal DLC fee would be hugely profitable once the system was in place. There are plenty of non hardware functions that could be included on such a list; bracketing, flash commander mode, flash high speed sync, in camera HDR mode....etc. Would a D3200 user be willing to pay an extra $100 to gain access to commander mode? I think at least a few would....I would. I know I wouldn't be particularly interested in bracketing as I rarely use it on my current camera. The benefit to Nikon would be the ability to offer competitively priced entry level cameras such as the D3200 or D5200 but still have the ability to attract extra revenue for DLC. I would like a new small travel camera to replace my D40 but the entry level cameras are just too crippled for my needs. This would solve a lot of problems in Nikon's current schizophrenic camera line up.

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Is it really that much more trouble to haul around a D90/7000?

Yeah, Reilly, sometimes it is if your primary goal in travel is to experience the places you travel to rather than spend all your time photographing.  It is absolutely true that the relative weight of a D5200 is not that much less than a D90 or D7000 when considered in kit, but you would be amazed at how rounding off the shoulders of a D90 and losing 1/4" in height does for the portability - or at least storability - of a DSLR.  It is nothing like the storability and weight savings of an OMD or NEX, but those cameras demand some compromises that may not be palatable.

Much of the perceived compactness of a D5200 is only that - perception - but it also is a much less intrusive presence for the subject than a D600 with a FF travel zoom or a D7000 with a fast zoom, or heaven forbid, a 70-200, either f2.8 or f4.0.

I've gone back and forth with just the question that eddyshoots is struggling with.  My conclusion is that unless I shrink the sensor there really isn't that much benefit to the small body DX camera, because my lenses, even my slow travel zooms - are 2/3 of the bulk and weight.  It's the glass I have to contend with first if I want to travel light.

However, I have to concur with Dracor's and eddyshoots' basic premise - that Nikon's punchlist marketing strategy is missing markets.  Rather than equating feature list with size, Nikon should consider more than its traditional pro/FX end users and offer more fully featured bodies at each size point.  It's already got the IQ fairly consistent across its lineup, and additional hardware-enabled performance features make a natural progression, but silly things like the number of bracketing captures in a set should not be an important monetizeable feature.  My big beef is that AF fine tuning isn't present in all body sizes but should be given the resolution of these cameras.  I'd accept a more configurable AF fine tuning in the higher end bodies - heck, I'd expect it - but in the lower end bodies particularly the camera should pretty much calibrate itself to keep the duffers away from Nikon's service centers - which aren't really set up to handle them in the first place and in which Nikon has shown little interest in serving properly.

I'm eager to see mirrorless DX displace the D3200 and D5200, frankly.  It's probably the best way for Nikon to address its manufacturing issues, customer service issues, and keep the big-sensor faithful in the fold.  If they play the dumbing-down game in a misguided attempt to force the very large corpus of size-adverse enthusiasts into every bigger bodies, that very large corpus will become an ever-shrinking corpse.

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