shame on you Nikon

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draacor wrote:

For not providing more regular updates to their firmware. One thing i would love to have is more than 3 bracketed shots available. This isn't something that is hardware dependent Give me 5 or better yet 9 bracketed shot ability.

Not a firmware's a business decision and feature issue. Nikon rarely adds features in firmware updates. It would be counterproductive to the business model just as MacDonald s doesn't add more nuggets to the 10 nugget meal to make it look more like the 20 nugget meal.

see i think its that way because people come to expect it not necessarily because that's how it should be. Look at video games, i can buy a 50 dollar video game that basically gets regular updates and improvements for at least a year down the road if not more.

Today the norm is increasingly you buy the game, a short one, then have to pay more for DLC (down Loadable Content).

But i buy a 1300 dollar camera and gets almost no updates to it even tho its possible. Reason being is people are conditioned to accept that that's the way it is instead of questioning this practice.

They always fix bugs with updates for free when they get fixed. Expecting free DLC for your camera to make it more like the higher priced model is like expecting Chevy to add 2 cylinders to your V6 to upgraded it to the V8 model for free. Chevy would soon go under...I think they did once

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