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Re: It's worse than you think it is
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Marty4650 wrote:

Our media doesn't just "selective report crimes" or just "sensationalize some crimes" they also alter the facts to drum up more public outrage and spike their ratings or circulation.

For example....

  • In the 1994 Rodney King beating incident, KTLA-TV edited out the first 13 seconds of the video. That was the part where King attacked the police officers. The only part they showed was the part with the police beating Rodney King. As a result, the entire nation saw the edited version, and were outraged when the jury acquitted the police officers. However the jury saw the entire tape, so perhaps they had more information than the rest of us did. In effect.... KTLA caused those riots, which resulted in 52 human lives being lost and billions of dollars in property damage, by simply editing the tape to make it appear that Rodney King was blameless, and was beaten for no reason.
  • In the recent Trayvon Martin shooting incident, ABC News reported that George Zimmerman was "unhurt" despite a police photo that showed two bleeding gashes to his head. ABC News lied about the injury, which had the affect of making it seem as if there was no physical confrontation or self defense motive involved. NBC News altered the 911 call tape to by editing it and CNN then misquoted the same tape, in order to make it seem like Zimmerman shot Martin because he was black. They really tried hard to whip up riots again, but fortunately they failed.
  • In the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Players rape case, the media portrayed the incident as a case of privileged white boys raping an innocent young black girl. And they really laid it on thick. As a result, the players were suspended from Duke, and they were charged with rape. The Lacrosse team's schedule was suspended, and the entire team as well as Duke University students in general were vilified. When the DNA evidence came out there was no proof of any rape and there were glaring inconsistencies in the victim's various statements, all charges were quickly dropped. The media hyped hysteria over what was essentially a hoax ended up resulting in the prosecutor being disbarred and convicted of making false statements. The University settled various lawsuits filed by the families of the falsely charged students for millions of dollars.

In each case (and there are literally thousands of other examples) the media ginned up a story, or simply created a feeding frenzy, in order to create a more dramatic story... rather than just reporting the truth.

And the consequences of sensationalizing crime stories are not always minor. People get killed in riots, and racial tensions are elevated. Billions are lost due to property damage, and lives and reputations are destroyed.

This may not be a unique situation for the USA. Perhaps the press does this in other countries as well. I really don't know one way or another. But I do know they do it lot here, and they seem to suffer no consequences for whipping up bad situations when the facts or evidence simply don't support their reporting of them.

I remember all of those stories very well Marty, and they all made me sick to my stomach that the media gets by with that type of coverage.  They should be held accountable in a court of law also, and fined MILLIONS.

One of the recent stories that infuriated me was the Casey Anthony trial.  I watched Fox News, with Jane Valdez Mitchell, and Vinnie Politan and it reminded me of the National Enquirer type of reporting.  It was embarrassing for Fox News.  This woman has been acquitted of this crime, but can not even walk outside of her home now because of the media.  The media tries to become Judge, Jury and Executioner with there powers.

I simply can't help but to believe some of the problems in our country is due to News Media coverages and the glamorization and sensationalism of reporting.  Some criminals just live for their day in the news, and the Media gives it to them.

Makes me sick.

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