nikon D7100 - how will Canon respond?

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Steen Bay
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Re: Hopefully with no AA filter on the 7D II...
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bobn2 wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

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noirdesir wrote:

Sure but photographers might have a different idea of an ideal image.

Certainly. I never said it was wrong to prefer the crunchy unrealistic look of an aliased image. That is a personal choice. There is no rule that says you have to like realism.

Wondering... I'm usually using 150% zoom/view in IE9, and if going back to 100%, then I understand a bit better what you mean by an unrealistic, aliased look. Could it be that a simple upsampling of an aliased image makes it look more natural/realistic?

No it couldn't. What makes it look unrealistic is aliased false detail.

..and if so, isn't what you call a "crunchy unrealistic look" then closely related to the output size of the image, and also to the amount of sharpening?

No, it isn't. It's due to the aggregation of fine features that are not there, that alter the appearance of textures.

If downsampling a D800 image to for example 8 or 16 MP, isn't it then very easy to get an aliased image with an unrealistic look, if not carefully trying to avoid that?

Could you just for once try just saying what you think, rather than endlessly asking rhetorical questions which say 'the truth is different from what you say'. The truth isn't different from what I say, it is different from the truth assumed in your rhetorical questions. Downsampling if not done properly introduces aliasing. You need to use a downsampling that includes an low-pass filter. That is the nature of sampled systems. If you sample, you need a filter to avoid information above the Nyquist frequency, otherwise you get aliasing.

And as I said, there is nothing wrong with liking the aliased look, but please stop pretending that aliasing doesn't exist.

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OK, I think, like Nikon, that skipping the AA-filter on the D7100 is a good idea. I think that with the MP counts we have today (like 16-24mp on APS-C and 36mp on FF) we'll gain more than we lose, and I think that the other manufacturers will follow soon.

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