coal - the cleanest energy source there is

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Re: coal - the cleanest energy source there is

vadimraskin wrote:

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PhD4 wrote:

Excellent. And on just $5 million.

They give more than that to study what happens to Japanese Quail when they ingest cocaine.

I guess the government finds that just as valuable as clean energy....

Oh god.. it's absolutely bloody stupid, some of the things they can find to waste money on..

Cocaine ingesting birds is just one of thousands of idiotic research grants..

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

Words of wisdom from a zoo inhabitant. Thanks ever so much for that BrainsAreDust

You really are a thoroughly vile and pathetic little tosser, aren't you?

Did you get your rocks off on abusing me.. hand on cocck as you typed your putrid mewlings?

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

For those here who MIGHT be interested to find out more about this particular research project (beyond the provocative name of it), here is a link to an interesting article about it. I suspect many of you won't bother but I post it anyway.

In short, the study was funded by the National Institute of Health to research how and why the cocaine and other similar drugs affect sexual behaviors of addicts. Japanese Quails are just there because they are plentiful and easily engage in the reproductive behaviors, which makes them a perfect subject of an extensive research.

I had a read, a skim through.. it's quite irrelevant.. Unless the tested animal has some link, genetic, behavioural, emotional, to humans than the testing might as well be on shrimp or anemones..

"Cocaine make quails randy so it must make humans randy too" is the sort of foolish leap that undermines real sciences.. (I was paraphrasing)

The study was first approved in 2010, extended in 2011 and now renewed till 2014. Total cost will be about $500,000.

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

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