What have you gathered?

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What have you gathered?

In your time of walking and shooting, are there things you feel you have come to realise about people, life, situations?

Here are some of mine:

When i was doing close-ups of people i noticed in a number of women, one eye was not as wide open as the other and it was 'always' their left, (how crazy is that?). It can be unnoticeable at normal distances but, when doing headshots it is quite easy to spot. Never saw it in any of the males. How much the eye is closed varies, some are only very slight but it's there and i doubt i would have noticed its existence if not for my photography habit.
I have since found out that the condition is called lazy eye.

Staying on the subject of females..Have you noticed how large the feet of young women or even teen girls are?.
Ok, i should have stated that you need to be in your 50's to notice this because our days of youth did not have girls with such huge feet!. At high school large feet always accopmanied tall gangly girls.They were great at sport and their boyfriends didn't dare comtemplate breaking up with a girl who represented the school at javlin or archery. A quick getaway was out of the question.  
Women/girls feet (in my day) were petite and anything resembling large would have guys heading for the hills. It may be that a female forum member here may chip in with: Mens eyes througout history have never ventured so far south to notice such things so, i must find myself on the floor a lot'?.
Yes, i know that the average female is taller than they were in the 70's but, i'm talking about how for a given height say 5ft 7...the feet of a young woman today is larger. Even my own size 8 for my height of 5ft 9" can seem smaller than theirs and they are around 5ft 6! I sure hope you're not sitting there chuckling that it's a freudian slip pointing to an anxiety about the size of my .... or anything???

On smokers:
Everyone would agree smoking is in no way as common as yrs gone by, but, i have noticed a big increase (the last 2 yrs) of young women smoking. They are mostly the hipster types who roll their own and ride bikes without gears. And yes i'm goin to say it!!!..Girls smoke like girls!!! Their exhales are thin whispers of smoke barely visible. With a man you can see smoke still bellowing out even after he has exhaled 3 times from a single drag on the cig.

On teens:(serious observation)
Teens appear to show more affection toward their friends than "in my day". They hug each other when they meet or say good bye, we never did that stuff in the 70's. It warms my heart when i see it but this is also in direct contrast to how unbelievably cruel they are towards each other in other aspects. Schools sprout a lot of the jargon that modern workplaces use to appear as striving for excellence. So called 'team building' and 'support mechanisms' fill employment positons with professionals but the reality is, we see the exact opposite when these teens offend. Bulling in my day was tame by comparison. The level of hate today is a worry.

On a less worrisome note, i smile as to how teens are oblivious to the presence of anyone older than 20. It's like their radar is tuned to only one frequency. They are like frogs who's vision can only see things that move. This of course  makes it easy for me to get in close if i want to shoot any of them, i'm barely a shadow on their periphery.

I'm done. Let me know what your photographic wanderings have brought to your
understanding of things.


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