X-10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 ?

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In reply to John Bean (UK), Feb 21, 2013

I know this is an old thread, but I thought I should weigh in on the X10 viewfinder since everyone seems to be missing what I see as the biggest point. All the other techno-weenie complaints kind of pale in comparison, especially for anyone who came up with old rangefinders and understands their quirky viewfinders.

I absolutely love the X10's IQ, manual controls and form, but the focusing is a freaking nightmare. The autofocus is unreliable in the extreme, and trying to manually focus the camera with the tiny wheel is excruciatingly slow, fumbly and inaccurate.

When the light is not too harsh, you just take more tries to nail focus. But when it's really bright out, the LCD is *next to* useless, so you'd think that the viewfinder would be really, really helpful. Unfortunately, there's no focus display in the VF, so it's *completely* useless for focusing.

In this very common situation, then, I can just shoot a lot and hope the autofocus maybe eventually works. Or, I can manually set the aperture tiny and manually set the focus to 40 feet or so, then hope that whatever I'm pointing at is sharp. Neither solution is good.

Unfortunately, it seems from the reviews that the Fujifilm X100, X Pro-1 and EX-1 cameras all have similar problems with their autofocus. But at least their VFs have information displays. I eagerly await a camera with the Fujifilm IQ, manual controls, form factor, AND dSLR focus performance.

Until then, if you are willing to be slow and methodical when necessary, go for the striking beauty of the Fujifilm images. If you really need point-and-shoot speed and accuracy on the fly for fast action, animals, strong sun, or candids, you may be frustrated. Even a Canon Elph or similar is better for that.

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