Looks like a DX camera will be announced next week (NR)...

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Re: Looks like a DX camera will be announced next week (NR)...
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Nikon007 wrote:

With the D5200 having the 39 point AF system now the new model will need to distinguish itself in order to justify the higher price. A D7000 with a sensor upgrade is not going to cut it anymore it's going to have to have more than that IMO. At the very least it will need the updated 39 point AF from the D600. I am pretty certain it will have the new body styling and a few more bells and whistles. If it comes in a D300 body that will appeal to many but I don't think it will.

D7000 still has a lot on the D5200

VF - D7000 100% Pentaprism, D5200- less than 100% pentamirror.

Focus - D7000 AF and AF-S, D5200 - AF-S only.

Legacy lenses - D7000 full coupling to AI lenses, D5200 Full coupling only to CPU lenses.

Body - D7000 metal panels, D5200 plastic panels.

Controls - D7000 two wheels, D5200 one wheel.

Probably some other things I've forgotten.

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It may, but I think the point is that to be a consolidation replacement for both the 7000 and 400 it doesn't matter so much how it compares to the 5200, but rather the 300S (at least to current 300 users). And in virtually all respects of still photography other than resolution and high ISO noise, the 7000 falls WAY short of the 300.


VF D7000 100% Pentaprism, D300 100% Pentaprism

Focus - D7000 AF and AF-S, D300 AF and AF-S

Legacy lenses - D7000 full coupling to AI lenses, D300 Full coupling to AI lenses

Body - D7000 metal panels, D300 one more metal panel.

Control - D7000 two wheels, D300 two wheels.

Shooting speed - D7000 6FPS, D300s 7FPS, 8 with Grip

Virtually all, eh?

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Specs on a marketing sheet. Owned both? Spent time shooting both in critical situations? I have. Both as back ups to D700 and 800. It's not even close from a traditional "camera body"standpoint. The 300 may not have the most modern sensor, but it simply does what it's supposed to do, in a no nonsense, reliable way. I banged one around for years with no fuss. It's fast, responsive, the AF locks on quickly and accurately, metering is good (Auto WB sucks, but I don't care since I shoot raw 95% of the time and it sucks on the 7000 too), and most of all, the body is very solid and well put together. There is WAY more difference than "one more metal panel".

I picked up a D7000 a couple years ago when they first came out, lured by the marketing sheet and price, thinking it would be a lighter weight (important when you fly with 49.9 lb bags), alternative the the aging 300 back up body with higher resolution (highest other than D3x at time), and better quality in low light. What I got was a camera that locked up from the cold on it's first hike into sub 20 degree weather, a broken plastic part in it's lens mount that prevents it from talking to AI lenses a few weeks out of warranty from a very typical, careful lens change I've done 1000 times on other bodies with no problems. Additionally, the AF hunts and is no where near as reliable as the CAM-3500 system in the 300, and the mirror damping is SO bad that the camera is all but unusable without mirror lockup or Quiet mode activated below 1/125, even at normal focal lengths. That said, when used carefully, the 7000 is capable of taking images that are beyond the IQ capabilities of the D300's sensor, and 2 card slots is nice, but if NIkon had produced a D400 2 years ago by simply upgrading the D300s to the 7000's sensor I stand by saying it would have been a much better camera than the 7000.

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