DxO Mark reviews (comparing Canon and Nikon)

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Re: Dx0 mark does agree with DPREVIEW, but Canon users just don't care
In reply to hjulenissen, Feb 19, 2013

hjulenissen wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

I agree but unfortunately some people have a tendency to talk down to others which incites some anger. This place can be a playground for tech bullies that get their kicks feeling intellectually superior.

I see bullies of all kinds in here.

Yes, it's an ongoing problem.

Unfortunately, many of them can't capture an image anyone wants to look at but they can espouse ad nauseam about sensor tech.

If so, why is that a problem?

I'm more abt to listen to someone who demonstrates great vision and skill for capturing and working images in post rather than someone who can tell me all about the inner workings of a digital camera.  If you wanted to improve your driving skills would you prefer to learn from a professional driver or an engineer that designs cars?  The problem is there are some who would make one believe Canon is not worthy because of their archaic sensor design but photographers are making incredible images with Canon cameras every day.  What's more interesing is there is no way for one to look at an image on screen or in print and say, wow, that came from a camera with a Sony Exmor.  The added DR gives more options when shooting at the edge but how often does that occur?

I've been here since 2003 and the sad part is many of the real photographers (those that do exceptional work) have left this forum for more worthwhile discussion about what's truly important in photography.


If that happens, it is unfortunate, but I really don't think it changes how one should contribute in threads about (e.g.) dynamic range. If the topic is annoying, one should steer away rather than try to tell other people what they ought to be interested in.


This is a long standing debate on the value, not the measured difference.  I'm fully aware Canon sensors do not provide the DR of Sony Exmor or some other manufacturers and although I acknowledge this I've yet to find it a problem in my shooting.  In some ways I wish Canon would just buy sensors from Sony so this issue would be put to bed and the discussion would end.  It's the same people beating the drum constantly and yes one can just move on but it's like a bad wreck.  It's difficult to not look.


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