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irvweiner wrote:

Bob, thanks for resurrecting this Munki profiling post.

However, I do not consider profiling to be wasteful of paper. I do not care to have profiling waste any more paper than required. I assure you that my mini profiles are quite valuable to me, for a professional printer this is not a hardship. For a serious hobbyist, profiling more costly art papers, the savings are not insignificant--more important is that this technique reduces the hesitation to repeat a questionable profile and thus needlessly waste a much larger sheet of fine paper.

irv weiner

Irv, thanks for setting the record straight. I just meant that your pupose was to show a way to use less paper, while the alternative view to making smaller profiling targets was to avoid buying a paper size one doesn't have need for except for the profiling. As I said, both perfectly reasonable goals and both worthy of highlighting as separate concepts. And interestingly, hybrids of the two approaches are also quite useful, e.g. cutting two 5.5 X 8.5" pieces out of two 8 X 10" pages then more or less using your scaling technique to print the two targets. That would be using your paper saving technique to make do with a paper one already had, rather than for the purpose you developed it for. The possibilities are endless.

I was going to mention how inexpensive paper actually is, but then I realized that is just because I use mostly RR Ultra Pro stuff, not a fancy paper. When I thought about that, I decided to steer clear of the paper cost aspect altogether. I can imagine that having to buy a box of 8.5X11 of a really fine art paper when you don't want to print on 8.5X11 could be quite painful. As would be tossing two sheets of an expensive paper after profiling even if it is a size you normally print on. So there are plenty of valid reasons for wanting to use one or more of the techniques described in this post for printing smaller profiling targets.

As for resurrecting the thread, I only noticed that the post above mine was recent. If I had realized the whole thing was so ancient, I might have just let it go.

In any case, nice communicating with you.


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