Why do moderators tolerate this fellow?

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Re: Why do moderators tolerate this fellow?
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Marcamera wrote:

Slider44 wrote:

Respectfully stated, you are choosing to read his messages. If any member bothers you, or you do not want to read their comments, ignore them and their messages disappear. Very easy now. The ignore feature has been improved to the point of usefulness now.

So, the choice is yours now, not his.

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Very easy now.

When you see harm being done by someone, should you just turn away?

Of course not, in fact, I have my Concealed Carry Permit.  If someone is being harmed, I will do whatever I must to stop that harm.  But, you are confusing real harm with internet bantering.  This forum is beyond rational, and I am quite sure you know that.  So, why take it so seriously?  You are choosing to do that, not us.

Is that what you are advocating?

All I am advocating is that you make a choice to ignore or respond.  That is your choice to get upset, or ignore.

No rules, no decency, no line that should not be crossed?

There are rules here, just because they are not enforced is not your or my fault.  For whatever reason they are not being enforced, is not within my, nor your control.  We can complain all we want, but if they do nothing about it, what can we do?  After all, it is not our website.  You and I have ultimate control though, if we chose to use it, and that is not visit anymore.  Then, all problems disappear don't they?

I found his post revolting.

I read it.  I found it trolling.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I chose to completely ignore it.   In the grand scheme of this forum, it is just another daily nasty post, or comment.  You took it personally for some reason, and that is your choice.  But, keep this in mind if you will.  You allowed that poster to temporarily control you and your emotions.  A total stranger in your real life none the less.

The choice is mine and I chose to speak up.

I have spoken up many times here.  MANY.  And frankly, it serves very little purpose to be honest.  Some get banned, and simply rejoin and do it all over again, and again.  So, what good does it do?

I have found, (recently that is) that ignoring is the best choice.  Why you might ask?  Because that is what I have total control of.  Everything else, is outside of my control.

Thanks for reading, and good luck.


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