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You can thank the Duke for that.
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movielvr wrote:

this is my impression, is it correct? If so, that alone is making the switch for.

A lot of people wanted the size and travel benefits of µ43, but there was only so far they would compromise on IQ. This is the crux of µ43's history, and with it this forum. We now have the benefit of hindsight, so let's look at that history, and as I'm writing, I'll do it through my eyes (you may want to get your favourite popcorn/pacifier/gun)
I started with the Ricoh GX100, the first of the wide lens, large (1/1.7") sensor enthusiast compacts, to accompany my DSLR on trips, for those days during the trip when I didn't want to lug the DSLR around, or for when I didn't want to change the DSLR lens.
Ricoh's successor, the GX200 pushed the sensor too far (and price too high), and Panasonic came in and captured this market with the LX3 (I bought the Leica badged version D-Lux 4, sorry!). And around this time, all the non-DSLR talk around here was about the 'serious compact' for photogs to take to suppliment their DSLR.
The compacts were good, but noise and poor DR refused to remain in the shadows and insisted to be seen. The photogs wanted more. Then µ43 emerged and offered a glimpse of the promised land.
GX300 never happened, instead Ricoh switched to their GXR concept, with replaceable modules containing both the lens and sensor, sloting into a well designed general purpose body. The S10 module was the engine of what could have been a GX300 with a wide angle 24-72 and 10mp 1/1.7" 10mp sensor. It gave very good results for the spec, but missed the boat on the trend towards fast glass (it was 2.5-4.4, stabilised) and more crucially had to be slotted into the much bigger and expensive GXR body. It brought gasps of 'why?'.
The real GXR jewel (back then) was the 50mm/2.5 equivalent A12 module, built around a stonkingly good GR lens and an APS-C DSLR sensor that prompted DPR to write: '...arguably delivers the best IQ of all mirrorless cameras we've seen so far'.
So µ43 had competition from APS-C compacts, which were winning the IQ stakes and this didn't go down well in µ43 land, and the ensuing battles were bloody and vicious.
People got banned, posts got pulled, same old same old.
Sony pitched their tent on APS-C soil, and took the IQ crown. Samsung also pitched their tent on APS-C, but in a valiant act of contrition, decided to keep IQ somewhere below µ43. Ricoh pitched their tent in the forrest, where no one could see which soil they were occupying on any given day.
But despite the setbacks, µ43 advanced, with a selection of lenses that started to get the attention of the limp wristed DSLR crew, who were finding their weapons 'too heavy' (a euphemism for more buttons and IQ than they could handle).
It wasn't going to be a simple case of switching camps though. There was still the issue of IQ to consider, and all was not well in m43 land...
The devious king Panasonic was playing evil tricks on his aging and battle-scared ally the duke of Olympus. While eating from the same table and drinking from the same cup, the king was secretly developing new weapons and refusing to share these with his ally, the Duke.
It's likely the king feared the duke, who had already shown greater prowess in utilising the scraps he had thus far been given, and giving the duke access to superior technology might serve only to embarrass the king further.
m43 land?".panaWhen the weapons were ready, the king looked to vanquish his foes and invited the limp wristed DSLR crew to sit at his table. Many came, some open minded, most just intrigued. They sat, they drank, then they roared with laughter: "You jest sire! This is but a toy, dressed in mans clothing. Where be the DR, the colour, the detail? And what of this noise in the sky, is this the latest fashion here in

The king grew angry and his face turned red, well, as close to red as his sensor could manage, and he rallied his troupes (sic), and the ensuing battles were bloody and vicious.
People got banned, posts got pulled, same old same old.

The wise old Duke wanted to smile, but his poker face held firm. Not even the distractions of his underlings, whom had been dabbling with the Yakuza and Stock Markets to equal ill effect, could break his concentration, for the wise Old Master Duke was busy hatching a secret plan of his own...
The Duke had got word of a mysterious and powerful Sorcerer, Lord Sony who had allegedly made a pact with the devil in return for the secrets of capturing the very soul of light itself. Rumours spread about how Baron Nikon had sought Lord Sony's allegiance and mounted an impressive challenge to Canon, the mighty god of the entire camera world.
God woke up briefly and responded by pouring oil and dust on Baron Nikon's sensors, halting the Barons assault and letting god get back to the important task of deep slumber.
But in that brief assault, the wise Duke had seen a way to escape his crippling pact with King Panasonic. He forged a secret alliance with Lord Sony and secured a batch of magic sensors that would transform the whole of µ43 land.
When Old Master Duke released his miracle machine to the world, the land shook. Angels came down from the heavens and played sweet melodies, enchanting everyone into gleeful euphoric stupor. OMD's machine stole the crown from King Panasonic, and the limp wristed DSLR crew came back to see from whence the uproar came. "Beghads!", they exclaimed. "This is it! Behold, DR, Colour and Detail. And what of that strange noise in the skies, did it fall out of fashion?"

People got banned, posts got pulled, same old same old.
King Panasonic turned Green, a colour his sensor possessed in abundance. He again rallied the troupes (sic), and the ensuing battles were bloody and vicious.match the OMD and have a bigger body to boot!trounceBut the numbers were too great and begrudgingly King Panasonic acknowledged the Dukes sly victory, but vowed it would only be temporary and went away to double down on his latest secret weapon, a machine that would later
So µ43 land fell peaceful and calm, DSLRs raiders were few and far between and easily escorted to the exit with minimal fuss.

Apologies if you are in the small group of people whose side was not insulted during this highly accurate retelling of history. Chances are, if you were not insulted, you were not significant enough to matter, you know who you are, yes, you Pentaxians / Fujians!
People will get banned, posts will be pulled, same old same old...
But under the calm, the scars of battle remain. The kings supporters and dukes champions have deep wounds, growing and waiting, waiting and growing, and one day, maybe soon, the ensuing battles will be bloody and vicious.
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