Marco Rubio's response: Awesome.

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Re: Marco Rubio's response: Awesome.
In reply to Jim, Feb 15, 2013

Jim wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Jim wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

Jim wrote:
As far as Obama is concerned, yes I would oppose just about everything he says or does because in my view he's a completely failed incompetent and quite toxic to America as his record attests.

He's done fine, considering the problems he has faced and the disloyal opposition he has had to deal with. Your "toxic to America" assertion is ridiculous.

Hardly. Let's review: $6 TRILLION in additional deficit spending in but four years, his attempts to kill the coal industry, his inane harping on "green" energy when the country is in the midst of an extremely fragile recovery attempt, the wasteful funding of green energy companies that go bankrupt at the tax payers expense, his passion for ignoring the Constitution, his refusal to make meaningful spending cuts, his sponsorship of sequestration, his abject abdication of duty and gross negligence that resulted in four of our citizens being killed in Benghazi, his failure to assist in the Iranian uprising in 2009, his failure to assist the Syrians being massacred, his unilateral abdication of the ABM effort in the Czech Republic with no corresponding concessions, etc., etc., etc. The long and short of it is that Obama is an incompetent ideologue. The only reason that he remains in office is a compliant and corrupt media that refuses to discuss his massive shortcomings and complete ineptness.

People don't vote according to the media as much as they vote according to their life experiences and that has been a big improvement since Obama took office.

Please...the media have descended into being propagandists for the Left. If they reported accurately, public opinion would definitely have been impacted.

As much as you and Fox News try to spin it, the voting public did not go for your spin. They could see through it and Obama was re-elected.

See my response above.

Blaming the MSM is an old excuse for the failed programs of the GOP. The MSM is not going to change for the 2016 election and if the GOP is still holding on to that excuse, it is hopeless for them. So don't you think the GOP needs to look at something else?

To the GOP: Stop blaming everybody and everything except yourself. Look at how the extremist Tea Party elements have forced your party so far from mainstream America that winning a national election is impossible even with the help of the Fox News Network.

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