Why are we so divided?

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Re: Why are we so divided?
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vadimraskin wrote:

Everything is a fight? Gay marriage, abortion, economy, Social Security.

If you go back in history the United States does have a record of divisions. Way back when we decided to strike out on our own and decided to fight England to become the United States opinions among the colonists was greatly divided. Some wanted independence, others didn't. And the Civil War, the nation was certainly divided on that and the discussions were not only heated but lead to a war. It is not really something new and will probably continue far into the future.

We have two parties with different philosophies and we vote on who we want to represent us. We can blame our elected officials but look at the divisions among our population. One side says oh no we cannot cut entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid. The other side says hey we should not only cut those things but we should cut taxes as well.

Is there any wonder that they argue constantly about it? And who is to blame? Well, we voters of course, we put them in office and there is no one else to blame. Will there every be peace and harmony? Probably not because it has gone on since before we became the United States of America and will probably continue to be that way.

We all complain about it but continue to elect people with opposite views to represent us. What else can be expected but fights, arguments, dire warnings and all such things. Would you really want only one party? Even then I suspect the uproar would still exist.

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