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North Korea detonated a nuclear

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: princess . .
In reply to Princess Leia, Feb 13, 2013

Princess Leia wrote:

Cars kill, knives kill, pens kills, brooms kills and guess what? none of them will kill unless a human choose them as a weapon...so you are the close minded one!

STILL you WON'T listen (as usual) and you only hear what you want to hear, or you conveniently turn things around to suit your ongoing agendas (no BIG surprise there!).  So this will be my last reply to you in this thread . . . .

AGAIN, if what you say above is true, then you have nothing to worry about if North Korea or Iran get nukes!!  Nukes "don't kill, people do".

You guys really are reaching 'pathetically' IMV every time you bring up cars or pens etc . . . and it's getting really old if that is the best you got to offer.  Tell me how many pens were used in 'purposeful' mass homicides the past ten years as opposed to guns?  Or cars (again in 'purposeful' killing)?  . . . knives maybe, but what are the chances a mass killing is going to happen with a guy and a knife over a guy and a semi or automatic high capacity rifle?

Cars main purpose is for transportation.  Pens are for writing.  Knives, mostly for cutting (though yes, some for defense). Guns main purpose are to kill.  Especially large capacity automatic ones.  Even if one wants to say "it's for defense" the bottom line is, it's for killing IF the situation arises.

You just WON'T see that putting more and more weapons on the streets and all over the world, just increases the opportunity for more nutpacks to get their hands on them  . . .  the same way if more nukes are added around the world . . . .  because you don't want to. You see control is necessary with others, but not when it comes to YOUR 'wants' or your FEARS.

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