Epson 3880 - Colormunki monitor/printer calibration...

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Epson 3880 - Colormunki monitor/printer calibration...
In reply to Peter Patricelli, Feb 13, 2013

Not a stupid question at all!  And, yes, it was one of the first things I checked.  In the past I've, on occasion, had both the printer and Photoshop trying to manage colors - which causes a big color shift (either green or magenta, I can't remember), AND had NEITHER Photoshop NOR the printer managing colors - which causes a big color shift (the opposite of the either green or magenta from before).

In this case, I see a "big" color shift, but in reality its a very small shift, just enough that I can see it and I KNOW the client would...  So, my ivory cat is a little yellow, and the burgundy is sort-of red - both, I suspect due to too much yellow...

So, no, THIS TIME, it wasn't me doing something normally stupid with color management...  I also just checked the image on the monitor after doing the calibration.  It's be a little brighter because the CM has me set brightness at 20 rather than the 13 I was using from the Spyder, but other than that, the color rendition seems to be very similar.  I can switch between the CM monitor profile and the spyder profile and the biggest difference is the spyder profile is a little warmer...

BTW:  a light bulb question...  I'm using bulbs in the office that are "daylight" balanced at 5000K rather than 6500K.  As I understand it, REAL daylight is 5500K, and bulbs for viewing images are supposed to be 5000K.  But, the monitor is balanced at the CM default, which SAYS it's 6500K...  And I"ve noticed when I shoot outdoors here in Minnesota, "daylight" is actually between 5000K and 5100K, NOT 5500K...  So, WHAT IS daylight, and is 5000K the right bulb for looking at prints?

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