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North Korea detonated a nuclear

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Rights are not given, but paid for in full...Long winded version
In reply to Great Bustard, Feb 13, 2013

Great Bustard wrote:

Rupert Bottomsworth wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

D P O'neil wrote:

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Nell27 wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

What should be the response?

Weak Obama will ignore it for sure...

No, he won't ignore it but it might take awhile to figure out what to do about it.

North Korea is a scary place. Their only ally is China and even China is fed up with them.

Two of America's closest allies are Japan and South Korea -- as if we'll sit by while lunatics in North Korea test nukes.

You tested them, that's how you know they work!

Not only tested them, but used them in anger. And, for sure, we have every "right" to stop Iran and North Korea from having nukes.

And who gave you this "right"?

...by those who fight for them. No one "gave" freedom to Blacks. No one "gave" women the vote. No one is "giving" gay rights. Rights are fought for.

Our "right" to nuclear weapons came from a world war where we were fighting against truly evil enemies, where we were fighting for our very survival. Our right to use them comes from the fact that they ended the war saving millions (many more of the enemy than of our own forces, incidentally).

Of might is right and what just what you would expect from a deeply sick bully.

You might want to tone down  rhetorics a notch, when you speak about foreign soil fights that happened long before you were born, btw.

Our right to contune to own nuclear weapons and threaten to use them comes from the fact that if we hadn't devoloped and threatened to use them, the Russians most certainly would have, and the world would not have been better for it.

better for who, kimo sabe?

Our right to deny Iran and North Korea nuclear weaponse comes from the fact that no good will come of it, and, as I said elsewhere, to defend otherwise is like defening the "right" for a rapist and child molester to adopt children.

Now, personally, I think the need for us to maintain a nuclear deterrent has come and gone, and I'd be happy to see us rid of them. But while I know that many have no love for America, I am a bit surprised that there are those that think the world would have turned out better if Russia had been the exclusive owners of nukes. I'm even more surprised that people would defend the "right" of such radical states such as Iran and North Korea to own nukes, if only to spite America.

To be honest, if I didn't have any regard for the millions of innocents that would suffer if Iran and/or North Korea had nukes, I'd say we should just wash our hands of it, sell them what they need to speed up the process, and let Europe, Russia, and China deal with it. May as well give them some assistance with chemical and biological weapons as well. Perhaps if we were generous like that, they'd no longer be a threat to us, and we'd be all the more wealthy for it.

Or maybe "you" (just so we're clear on that, you're not using the royal we, right) you  could just mind your own business.

Oh, right, I forgot. You got an international racket to defend.

If I didn't care about the innocent victims, that is.

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