What is Inflation?

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Re: taxes
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carlk wrote:

DreamsAreDust wrote:

Seems to be going around, DDust. Making politicians accountable would be a good start.

Damn YES..

Even elections don't make them accountable -

Why? There is no other reasons than majority of voters wanted that way.

Because voters are pretty stupid, really..

Take the basic two-parties who always get in, swap places sometimes, but it's always them..

Party A promises all this and all that.. voters vote them in.. voters get shat upon with .promises unfulfilled and lies and extra taxes.


Next election people STILL vote for party A OR party B wins and gets in.. what happens?

Unfulfilled promises, lies, and more taxes (but different ones!).


Next election - two main parties who have lied and bullshiitted their way into power and they STILL get voted for.. WHY?

Answer: Because, even with all their lies and shiit, they are still better than the devil-you-don't-know (greenies, etc), and people will keep voting for the party they've always voted for, no matter how many lies and fake promises..

These scum politicians all know that the average voter has a political memory of about 3 months, maybe.

In three years time they won't remember the promises unfulfilled and the taxes and lies.. they will listen to the political spin and the lies and propaganda and just vote they same way they've always voted ("Me? Oh I'm a labour man, just like my father..").

Democracy doesn't work, it's a fake, an illusion of choice when it doesn't really matter who gets in - your taxes will go up, more taxes and shiitty carbon fees will be imposed, all the lies will be there.. pockets lined with money..

Democracy doesn't work... but there's nothing to replace it with at the moment (and, even if there was, do you really think the power hungry politico-priicks would allow it to be replaced?).

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

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