X-E1 vs. 5D MKIII non-scientific comparison...

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Re: X-E1 vs. 5D MKIII non-scientific comparison...
In reply to roachmat, Feb 13, 2013

I do own both a XE-1 and Nikon full frame equipment. Frankly, I would like to add a third "camp" here. Those who judge based on what they see looking at a monitor and never print anything (or if they do, rarely if ever go above 11X14).

Owning both, I can honestly say that while I love the XE-1 system, it is no way shape or form a match for either a Nikon or Canon full frame system. Sure on a 21" (or 24", 0r 27") monitor you are going to be very very impressed with the Fuji files. Being that Fuji color is oh so good, they may actually look even better than those from the Nikons or Canons. But do comparison printing of 30 inch prints and then tell me how you feel about the differences.

So, yes I am comparing from real world experiences. And yes I feel that both Nikon and Canon outperform the Fuji. But yes I would say it is not evident at all if only being viewed on a computer monitor.

roachmat wrote:

Wow, great reading thread about the x-trans sensor and how good it is.
To me there seems to be two camps here:
  • CAMP A) Real pro photographers who have full frame camera gear and a Fuji x-trans sensor camera who are faithfully reporting sensational image quality from the Fuji x-trans camera when correctly processed can sometimes be equal to or better than full frame image quality. Tom has done a great job to tell us what he has experienced himself. In his example he even chose to present his client with the image from the X-E1 and not from his Canon full frame, so good was the quality from the little Fuji. This does not mean his Canon gear is lacking in any way but it speaks volumes for how good the x-trans sensor truly is. He is not alone, I have been reading many pro photographers reporting the same from their own real experiences.
  • CAMP B) People who either don't have full frame camera gear or an x-trans camera or don't have both who are trying to convince people the Fuji x-trans sensor is not as good as being reported. These people seem to push the boundaries as much as possible to try to get their view across.
It seems really strange to me there is any debate on this at all. Camp A people are reporting facts from their real world experiences, Camp B people are not.
I am now really sceptical about a lot of the negativity being posted here in the forum especially after reading through some posts telling about people using multiple usernames to push strong anti-Fujifilm and anti-x-trans views.
Anyway here's the drum, people in CAMP A can and should be trusted, but you should be careful about believing anything said by people in CAMP B.
Switching to an X-E1 from Sony gear I see the advantages of the x-trans myself in nearly every shot I process.

Just may take on it.
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