North Korea detonated a nuclear

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Princess Leia wrote:

knox wrote:

clearly you are NOT getting my point . . . . because you don't want to and are being your typical close minded 'self'.

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Your point is to take away guns but as you can see here, crazy people will find another weapon!

It is not the weapons, it is the crazy person who will pull the trigger!

I didn't look at your link princess because everyone knows there is a link or story anyone with Google can find to support their opinionated and biased agenda at any given time.  You of all people know this, because that's all you do.  If you were a reasonable person, I would be happy to look at it with an open mind.

Don't put words in my mouth or exaggerate my prior comment princess . . . . I said "control" as in 'reasonable' control of weapons (NOT "take away"), especially those that are made for extreme killing.  Just as you are probably saying about North Korea, but refuse to see the similarities to suit your agendas and wants.  Though I'm sure if it were up to you, you would take away ALL weapons from any country other then America!

My point was clear . . the more weapons, the more opportunity a whacked out person or religious nut (who thinks he is doing it for his God) or a pssed off person can get their hands on one to kill.  Just as you are saying. You just close your mind to my point.  More weapons do not fix anything, in fact they increase the percentages of killing.  Just like NK or Iran having nukes.  "Reasonable' control is needed across the board.

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