Different monitor and printer calibrations for different ambient light?

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Kruppe New Member • Posts: 15
Different monitor and printer calibrations for different ambient light?

I recently purchased an Epson R3000. In all aspects it is a wonderfull machine, and I have done some really nice prints already.

I just got a Colormunki Photo in order to optimize the chain from camera to finished print.

This morning I did a monitor and printer calibration. The sun was not up yet, so it was very dark.

Using the Colormunki Photo I went through the monitor calibration steps, including measuring ambient light. The profiling went smoothly and the monitor was set to 80 dc/m2, which is very dark as far as I am concerned (in unscientific terms it meant that the brightness was set to 15/100 on my 27" Dell monitor).

(Tonight I have been websurfing and playing Civ 5, and I raised the brightness t0 50/100. If I want to retouch photos I will lower brigthness to 15/100 again.)

I proceeded to calibrate the printer, which went smoothly. I have not tested yet, but I assume that everything is ok at this point.

Now my question is, what do I do when I am working in daylight? The wall to the left of my workstation is windows from floor to ceiling, so it is very bright during the day, even though there is no direct sunligth since they are facing North.

Do I make a seperate monitor calibration during those conditions? If so, do I need a specific printer calibration also, or can I stick to the one I made during the low light conditions?

If indeed I need 2(or more) profiles for the monitor and/or printer, how do I switch between them? (windows 7).

Looking forward to hearing your advice.

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