North Korea detonated a nuclear

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FVCK, I had to delete that image and all that sh! was getting in the way

Well, I guess technically...we ​could ​ come the USA/UK/France, etc get to decide WHO can have nukes and who cannot?

Yeah, I get that...

BUT, at the same time we know that certain nations are the king-pin of international diplomacy and stability, etc. The G20 nations will always call the shots...coz (like it or not)...they are the head of the global family.

Any family has the right to protect "the family" as a collective whole....and IF that means some members won't be allowed to play with fire - then so be it.

The US is the only nation on Earth to have used a nuke during combat...and we all know why that happened. For the last 65 years, none of the Nuke nations have ever even "threatened" to actually use them.

Yes, we can trust the USA, Russia, Israel, France, UK, and even India, Pakistan, China....we know that these nations will only use nukes as a very last resort with regard to self-defense. History has shown this - to date.

WE don't know how the likes of North Korea or the current regime in Tehran will behave "IF" (when) they are in the nuclear driving seat. WE don't know what posture they will take, how they will use this kind of leverage, or WHO they might include in their circle of influence, etc.

NO, they haven't technically done anything wrong - yet.

However, we do know that they are rather radical and have an isolationist antagonistic outlook, especially with regard to North Korea.

One could also say...that the G20 has a moral obligation to protect the global family from any such potential threats...this of course not only applies to nukes, but global pollution, starvation, environmental disaster, and so on.

So, what to do...


What did you say about Israel and which way it leans with its nuclear weapons ?

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