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Ben Carson at the Whitehouse Prayer Breakfast.

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Variance is Evil!

If common sense budgetary spending, controlling the deficit and paying down the national debt is "Tea Party" .... then... sign me up.

It well as adherence to the Constitution/limited government and free markets. Many leftists try to portray the Tea Party as something other than that but that's what they stand for.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with the Tea Party. The problems occur when the far right radicals get involved and they're usually the people who garner the most headlines.

The same holds true for the Left. Some good ideas and reasonable thinking but when the far left radicals get involved everything turns to trash.

Radicals and over the top idiots are the people getting the most attention because these are the only people the media is interested in. These are the most controversial and the most entertaining.

If the news media can't keep the general population divided and in an uproar, they aren't doing their jobs. If there's little or no unrest a large segment of the media is no longer needed.

It's a little like curing cancer or the common cold. What happens to the economy once these diseases are cured? Just imagine all the people who would be out of work and all the big money that would be lost.

You were doing pretty good until here...if you are implying that the common cold or cancer can be cured and that there is some sort of conspiracy to prevent that to keep the economy going then I disagree...strongly .... I have little use for conspiracy theories.

Nothing's going to change; and actually things will probably get much worse over the years. We're living in a dumb down society that worships the entertainment industry and a society that believes almost anything a radical (many college professors, millionaire entertainers, etc.) tells them. People are too stupid to actually know they're being brain washed by people who have already been brain washed.

I actually think that people are smarter than you give them credit for....but FOX New and company is beating the propaganda drum pretty hard these days too....they have a tremendous effect.

It's not just happening in this country. Europe is also on the brink of insanity and the Middle East has been a lost cause for thousands of years.

Part of our problem is that we remember much of the positive in the good old days, but time dims what it was really like back then.

The US is in global competition now and our standard of living will get worse over time.

Sorry about my rant. I'll shut-up now.

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