Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

I vented in DPR's x100s announcement comments. Someone chimed in that full support was coming later this year. How they know that, I do not know. But they were very 'matter of fact' about it, with an exact date(I think it was sept?).
Hopefully they're info is correct. I won't buy any x trans camera until adobe offers full support.
It's nice that capture one is supporting it, but I'm not spending $300 for a raw converter, nor am I interested in abandoning Lightroom & re-learning a new program/workflow.
Tbh, the whole situation is rediculous & I'm pretty much over it. Adobe should be embracing new/different sensors, not shunning them. It's almost seems as if there's an alterior motive...

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