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What puts Hendrix on a whole different planet exactly other than he came first? What is so hard to understand with the words "similar" and "technical" in this context? I'm not arguing who's better nor who I prefer. I'm simply stating that out of the tens of thousands of guitarists on the planet, if you were to pick 10 that were "similar" to Hendrix on a "technical" level, Morello would be one of them.

"Throw in Tom Morello on guitar (our generation's Jimi Hendrix), and you have a recipe for success."


Yeah, and I truly believe that he is. You can throw in Santana into that list also, but he's been around for so long that I don't think you could consider him our/this generation. Morello is definitely in the top 10 in terms of "similarities" to Hendrix from a "technical" stand-point, and when I say top 10, I'm being modest. I could easily put himn in my top 5 if not my top 3.

By the way, why are you still here debating someone you know nothing of (your words, not mine)? Instead of arguing about someone you have no knowledge of, why don't you try and be constructive for a change?

I am not arguing that he is not a good guitar player.

I am saying that if he were as good as you are claiming, he would be well known. Talent has ways of rising to the top.

I have no problem with the fact that to you he is in top three.

My top 5 ever includes Van Morrison, many would argue that he is nowhere near. So what.

Why don't you tell us who YOU think/know is "similar" to Hendrix on a "technical" level? That is, if you even understand what "technical" means.

I will not argue "technical" because I do not play guitar, I can simply state my preferences. Hendrix not only played, he also wrote his songs.

There are piano players who excel in technical skill, yet lack in interpreting the music. Can every technically excellent pianist play Chopin, for example?

And don't give me some BS about there being no one "similar" to Hendrix and that he is unique and whatnot. Everyone is unique, but everyone is also influenced from past legends.

My guitar players include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doug Gilmour, Santana, Buddy Guy, all played as soloists. I do not know Morello as a soloist, I do not know him, period. So what?

You want to argue that there are better 100 m sprinters than Bolt , only that they are technically the same, but somehow less known?


Never heard of Doug Gilmour ???

What about Ry Cooder - For me there is no-one  that can match him  on his 12 string mandoguitar.

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