Stripping Canadian Citizenship from Terrorists

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G. Gray
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Re: Stripping Canadian Citizenship from Terrorists
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G. Gray wrote:

Stripping Canadian Citizenship from Terrorists February 7, 2013

I agree that convicted terrorists should be stripped of their Canadian citizenship. Anyone who commits terrorist acts in Canada or abroad has clearly renounced their Canadian citizenship by rejecting Canadian values and the loyalty to our country that citizenship requires.

Canada should follow the example of almost every other Western democracy, including Australia and the United Kingdom, which already have the authority to revoke citizenship from terrorists.

I urge the Government to move quickly to pass legislation to strip convicted terrorists of their Canadian citizenship.


An email from my gun club, thought it was interesting. I wonder what citizen would be "rejecting Canadian values and the loyalty to our country that citizenship requires. "

I'm kinda in two minds over this...simply, because "citizenship" in itself is just some man-made concept and in reality is just an arbitrary setup.

I mean, IF a British born person commits a terrorist act...they cannot "lose" their BRIT citizenship and be then shipped off to nowhere

So, why should this new ruling apply to those who are born "outside" the country?

WE are ALL just human beings....and by birth we all technically have the "right" to live anywhere on this planet...because EARTH is our home-world....and not just part of it...or a specific location.

The fresh water here in Canada doesn't "belong" to Canadians...any more than the OIL in Saudi actually "belongs" to the Saudis...they are both simply Earth's natural resources that belong to ALL of us collectively.

Good luck with that one. I watch birds and animals and they cannot agree on splitting resources, what makes you think people can ?

Patriotism to a particular country, nationalism, and sovereignty are fast becoming a relic of a bygone we move towards this global/international community or family.

A terrorist or criminal should be prosecuted for whatever BAD things they have done....but taking away any "citizenship"....seems rather redundant....when "citizenship" in itself is rather meaningless.

WE are all human beings, first and must never ever come before that.


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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

I am not a fan of the new world order.

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If you go into Home Depot and someone offers to help you and he is not an employee, you are in Canada

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