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Meanwhile, I’m quite antsy about using the remote shutter function at all, which seriously degrades the functionality of the camera (forget mirror up mode, as it’s not accessible in conjunction with time delay).

I need to find either a cable or remote with a plug so low profile I can insert and retrieve the D800 from a top-loading bag with it installed without fear of breaking the jack loose, or a similarly low profile radio remote sender.

The Promaster MC30 clone I'm using seems to be perfectly designed to destroy the D800 remote shutter port, because its rigid arm sticks out from the camera body to the max. If it were re-oriented 60 or so degrees  clockwise or 160 degrees counterclockwise, the arm would be largely out of harm's way.

I suspect this happened the one time that I thought to save some time and trouble by leaving the remote attached while I pushed the camera back into its bag. But it may be that the very act of tightening this collar will fatigue the jack's mooring over time and cause it to break loose, even without undue rotational pressure on the arm.

The fatal flaw, as far as I can see, is that, even with the threaded collar tightened to the D800 body, the plug is NOT locked to the camera body rotationally. The threaded collar only stops it from being pulled out of the jack, not from being rotated. The result is that pressure on the the rigid arm of the remote plug is transferred directly to the 10 pin jack, and apparently can easily break it out of its moorings, making it unusable.

With some difficulty (especially in subzero temperatures), you can screw the MC30's plug onto the thread in the D800's body. But it's a very slow process, and would require a small ratcheting visegrip to do quickly. In fact , I never used it this way, contenting myself with simply pushing it in, which is difficult enough, despite the white marker for orientation.

I've been using a Promaster MC30 clone cabled shutter release (all I could find locally when the D800 finally arrived), and on examining the lock up, it's not hard to see the problem.

NB: I just had my D800's remote port repaired because it broke loose from its moorings. Although Nikon covered it under warranty, they refused to respond to my question as to the reason for the breakage, and claimed they knew of no design issue (there are several user reports of this problem, including cameras shipped with the jack already detached from the body).

3. if so, is it because  when you screw it in, the plug locks to the D800 body, preventing the plug from rotating, or because the sender is so low profile that it offers no leverage (or both)?

2. can you leave it permanently attached to the D800 without risking damage to the 10-pin port?

1. which Vello model is it (I assume you bought it from B&H Photo in NYC, since it's their house brand)

Not clear from the follow up response whether this Vello remote is now working on the D800 as expected? Is it? If so, please advise:

I bought a vellow remote for Nikon with a ten pin connector, have tried to make it work but it doesnt seem to be communiicating with the camera. the lights on the remote says it is working but no shutter release. Is there any need to make a setting change in the camera menu? I will re read the manual and try again. I am using the d800 for birds on a tripod and want to eliminate any shake, the self timer on 2 seconds usually means the bird is gone. the unit can be used wired or wireless and it isnt working in either mode . I pushed the connector in and tightened up the retainer screw to make good contact. any help would be appreciated.

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