Obama says he goes skeet shooting "all the time"!

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Re: Same here
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Jim wrote:

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Jim wrote:

Chato wrote:

Jim wrote:

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Jim wrote:

hjr13 wrote:

I'm not saying he shoots skeet or not, but the far right is always trying to pin him as a radical left winger, ( Bill Ayers ) or a secret Muslim. Maybe he didn't want a picture of him with a gun in his hand available. I could understand that.

Obama is portrayed as a radical left-winger because that's exactly what he is....and his actions confirm it.

Funny, because I think, except for one or two issues, he is just a continuation of G W Bush. That is why I didn't vote for him.

A Republican with just a tad of common sense. Of course, "Common Sense" is actually a synonym for Communism.

Can Jim name one left wing thing that Obama did?

Easy...here are just a few: Government-mandated health care,

I asked you for "one left wing thing that he did."

Implementing Republican ideas, invented by Republicans, implemented by Republicans, and supported by Republicans, is not "Left Wing."

Single Payer would be a Liberal move, but he wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.

stupidly assigning importance to taxing the rich

Taxing the rich is part and parcel of Capitalism. It was Adam Smith, not Karl Marx who proposed taxing the rich. If you need revenue, you tax the people who can give it to you. This is just basic common sense, and has nothing to do with liberalism or left wing thoughts.

Taxing the rich is part and parcel of capitalism? Good grief.

rather than getting the economy back on track due to his misguided socialist interpretation of "fairness", his trying to stack the National Labor Relations Board with leftists by executive authority (until it was recently declared unconstitutional, of course), his stupid comments regarding how successful business people "Didn't earn that...somebody else earned that" with the "sombody" of course being the state, the removal of the work requirement for welfare recipients, complete fiscal insanity with $1.2+ TRILLION annual deficits and nearly $6 TRILLION in additional national debt in just 4 years, the list goes on an on...

All of the above are simple common sense, practiced by such "Communists" as Eisenhower and Nixon.

Ah, "common sense" is it to spend the country straight into default? I don' t think so, Dave. No matter, enjoy the day.

If you cut revenue and increase expenses, you find yourself in debt. In 2000, the CBO predicted that by 2012 the National Debt would be completely eliminated.

Well no kidding. This is exactly where we find ourselves on a geometrically increasing scale with Obama. Siting a 2000 CBO prediction is pretty meaningless in 2013, yes?

Now that the Republicans have driven us into recession and debt, they want to tax the poorest in the country to protect the tax cuts for the wealthy.

I have two issues with George W. Bush: 1) he didn't impose fiscal discipline on his own party and 2) he didn't close the borders after the 9/11/2001 attack. Having said that, Obama has deficit spent $6 TRILLION in just four years and there is little sign that spending will not yet again reach nearly the trillion $ mark with no end in sight. This level of completely obscene spending can only be laid squarely at the feet of Obama and the Democrats. It's so bad that the Democrats haven't even offered a formal budget in FOUR YEARS...pitiful and unlawful. No, GWB certainly had his faults but Obama makes him look like a miser in comparison...with money we just don't have so he pretends that we do.

Spending has been cut under Obama, yet increased revenue, only kicks in this year.

Basically your argument amounts to the following. You have a son, who took your credit card and ran up huge bills. And when you find out about it, the kid refuses to bear any of the expenses that he ran up. Instead he wants you to stop spending Money on Granny, and continue to spending on the credit card, so he can continue to buy more toys.

Now a sane reasobable person would blame the kid, cut HIS allowance, and try to become solvent, wiothout tossing Granny under the bus.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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