If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Hi All,

Based on what I explaiend in my 1st (and also 2nd) lengthy posts in this thread, I also should have mentioned, a number of notable wildlife photographers I know (who's moving subjects are photographed in both harsh and extreme conditions) previously and exclusively used the D3/D3s/D700 for 90% of their shoots. They currently selected the D600 for a large percentage of their current shoots and are incorporating that body into a high and higher pecentage of total use for their needs. Notice not the D800 and it's not solely because the D600 has a higher frame rate. It's when all factors are taken into consideration for their needs, the D600 is a more applicable tool for the job in their case and resulted in many, many more keepers (than the D800 for their application). I also found much the same for my needs. If I didn't have the 645D and did a lot of landscape work, the D800 would be far superior (if all due care is taken with use and selction of camera settings and lenses)...than the D600.

Por's don't worry if they have the highest end camera of a manufacturer or how they look having a less expensive body. If it's a better tool than the more expensive model..fine..or conversely if the more expensive model is the better tool for the job, then that is the one to go with. Most unfortunately base their decision on other factors that doesn't allow them to purchase the right camera for the majority of their uses. Each one has it's place.

I should mention I've worked with some pro's that still primarily use the D1x and D2H for a large percentage of their professional work for the web. No need for D700's, D600, D800's, etc...for them these older cameras get the job done in a most efficient way and their iamges never lack for much of anything. Sure, skin tones, Dr and higher ISO performance is the domain of many of the newer cameras...but picking the right tool for intended use is the top priority. Yes, if they depedned on cropping heavily or printing moderately big, then their tools would be the wrong tools for the job. Many in these forums would never think of getting a 8 years old DSLR, even if all they do is look at their images on a monitor or e-mail to family or friends...and that too is unfortunate. If it's all about having the latest and greatest or top of the line modela and anything below it is inferrior, then unfortunately they are missing the bigger picture. Thats why in many circumstances, the D600 is a far better choice than the D800 and the reverse is also equally true.

As for Pentax, I wouldn't be shooting the brand for over 35 years (professionally) if I didn't feel some of their bodies and especially some of their lenses weren't adaquate for the job. In some cases they are but unfortunately there are instances, espcially more so in the past, where they most definitely weren't. I'm a fan boy only to the things that work and allow me to obtain my image capturing goals...not to a particular brand.


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