My excellent adventure, to switch, or not to switch (systems).

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Re: My excellent adventure, to switch, or not to switch (systems).
In reply to hzzn, Feb 10, 2013

TrojMacReady wrote:

hzzn wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

hzzn wrote:

If you're really into innovation then why did you originally purchase a Sony a900? Sony was certainly not innovating anything back when this camera was introduced. Aside from having twice as many focus points and 3 more megapixels I can't see why anyone would have purchased an A900 over a 5DMkII. It's missing many of the things the Canon had.

Stabilization for all lenses, no shadow banding, better viewfinder, better lowlight focusing... just to name a few things.

As for the OVF vs EVF, I don't really have much of an opinion on this. I will say that I was at Best buy just the other day and I was playing around with the A57 and Nikon D700, and the EVF on the Sony drove me nuts every time I hit the shutter. The EVF blackout and the slight stutter once the EVF came back up again drove me nuts!!

Interesting, because earlier you wrote:

"I tested the speed of the camera in store and loved everything about it. The quiet shutter, peaking focusing, and the speed of the AF were breathtaking. Unfortunately, the a57 is way out of my budget. "

In body stabilization is definitely a plus, but when you're paying $3000 for a camera I don't see how money would be an issue when deciding whether you're going to purchase a lens with IS or not. The other things you named are purely subjective.

Um, banding is a fact, the viewfinder is larger and brighter and lowlight focusing is faster and more precise. All verified facts. And it's not just a money issue, for example most Canon primes do not have IS to begin with. No choice there.

I only tested it using live view the first time and only sparingly looked through the EVF. It's not very comfortable to use the viewfinder to shoot when BB has the camera on a short leash. You can't even point it where you want to because of this. Then there's the annoying alarm to deal with.

I've never touched a MarkII or A900, but I'd be willing to bet that if there is a difference in brightness it's barely noticeable.  For instance, you say the OVF is bigger - well, I just looked it up and it is indeed bigger by 10%.  The average person wouldn't even notice this, just like they wouldn't notice if the OVF on the Sony was 10% brighter.  These differences appear negligible.  As for the focusing, I think any number of Canon users would disagree and say their camera focuses faster or better.  Nothing you've said is a concrete enough reason to go with a Sony A900 over a Canon 5dMkII, or say, a Nikon d300, especially if you're a pro.  I think I've rather have much better high ISO performance, 1080p recording and live view with the Canon, but that's just me.

It is a fact that the a900 have better low light AF and also a fact that the AF are more precise. It's even just as fast as 5D MKII. And the iso noise is only worse from 1600 and up on the a900. I don't know how you shot but the wast majority of my photos are shot with iso below iso 400. I know for sure that I would choose the a900 since it delivers better IQ (DR, No banding, less shadow noise) than 5D MKII and even beats the 5D MKIII in this regard. It' s a fact the viewfinder are brighter on the a900 and it's quite notisable. I know since I tried both. It's also quite bright compared to newer Nikons like the D600.

Kind regards


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