DEATH,,, Where dose the spark go?

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Re: DEATH,,, Where dose the spark go?

Jeff Charles wrote:

sherwoodpete wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

sherwoodpete wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

The safest bet is that the "spark" - our minds, our awareness, even our "souls" - is a function of our physical bodies. When we die and our bodies stop working, the spark dies too.

In what way is that "safe"? Do you mean it's an absolute certainty? Or do you mean, their could be some degree of uncertainty, but given the choice, that's the best option. If so, why?

We have no evidence that we in any way survive the death of our bodies. Believing that we do is based on wishful thinking, or faith, or whatever name we want to use for it, and it is a distraction.

There is in fact plenty of evidence.

I should have written that I haven't seen any evidence that convinces me. I will look into it more.

I'm willing to concede that such evidence as you do find may not convince you of anything. I don't mind that at all. I would suggest for now that you steer clear of anything which seems too heavily loaded with religious overtones, as it is the plain, factual information which I consider most useful.

(b) is a statement of your faith.

A fair comment.

Thanks for saying so.

The desire for "life after death" (an oxymoron, if I ever heard one), or eternal life, is the mental projection of a future that does not exist. There only is right now. In that sense, each moment is eternal.

"Life after death", if it exists, does so independently of whether we desire it or not. Introducing desire into the topic doesn't add any weight either for or against.

I agree that desire has no bearing on whether or not we continue to be "aware" after our physical bodies die. However, I do not see the relevance of an afterlife, assuming that there is one, to my present moment-to-moment life. In fact, if there is a God, how relevant can He be? As William Burroughs put it:

Consider the impasse of a one God universe.
He is all-knowing and all-powerful.
He can't go anywhere since He is already everywhere.
He can't do anything since the act of doing presupposes opposition.

From "A One God Universe", by William S. Burroughs

The main problem I see with the last part of your post here is that it seems to pre-suppose the nature of both a possible God and the nature of a possible afterlife. If we leave everything open-ended, and step back for a moment to "I don't know" (at least as a position),  then the relevance of these things is equally open ended. That it, to dismiss them as irrelevant would seem to imply that you know what it is that is dismissed.

This has been a reasonably balanced discussion, and in the end we need not agree. It is sufficient to raise the topics.


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