Canon interview: the end of the DX pro line

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Re: like I have been saying for the past year
In reply to coudet, Feb 4, 2013

coudet wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

  • Willing to spend up to $1500-$1800 for a body.
  • May already have DX lenses they wish to use
  • Value the reach of DX
  • Want a top end camera in their price range
  • Like to shoot action (great AF, 8fps)

If you qualify it with these very specific requirements, this shooter (you, unless I'm mistaken?) will only look at D400.

But, that's this shooter. Nikon will not ask themselves what this shooter needs, they will ask themselves what the average shooter with $1,500-2,000 in his pocket wants. And they did make D600 in exactly that price range..

The ONLY thing a D600 does better is high ISO.

Low ISO, high ISO and every ISO in between; and better selection of lenses.

There's a lot more to smart market segmentation than just price.  You've way oversimplified it there.

Why do we see mirrorless cameras that cost way more than a D3200?  Because there's more to segmentation than just price.

It's quite reasonable in a maturing market to have overlapping price segments that serve different needs.  Right now, we have the top end of mirror-less overlapping with the bottom end of DX.  The same would be perfectly reasonable with the top end of DX overlapping in price with the bottom end of FX.  If you buy bottom end FX, you get more sensor and less of most other features.  If you buy top-end DX, you get less sensor and more of everything else (more fps, more build, more buffer, more AF).

If Nikon wants to continue to grow market share in a maturing market, they have to address these types of finer grained market segments.  I don't know if they actually will or not (they don't seem to have been particularly smart lately about a bunch of things), but there's certainly a legitimate market segmentation reason for a top-end DX around $1500.  And, BTW $1500 doesn't even overlap the D600 price, it's a full $500 less which fits perfectly between the D7000 and D600 price levels.

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