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Re: SLT or DSLR?
In reply to Kim Flowers, Feb 4, 2013

Kim Flowers wrote:

Thanks! I thought about this a lot last night and I think I understand where some of the brand bias come in. When I hear the name Panasonic, I think of my old VCR. When I hear Sony, I think of my old CD player or a TV. But when I hear Canon or Nikon, I only think of cameras because that's all they make. People might assume this specialization, plus the fact that most of the professionals use their brands (most of the high end stuff is made by them, I believe) leads people to believe that all of their cameras are the industry's best. However, none of it really means that their entry/mid-level dslr's are any better than what I can get from Sony, and perhaps I can even get more for my money.

A reviewer from a youtube video did comment that you should start with either Canon or Nikon if you're even remotely interested in turning professional one day because you'll be invested in the lenses of the brand, but I read elsewhere that the full frame dslr's don't fit the same lenses as the ones that fit the APS-C sensor dslr's (not sure if this is correct so don't take my word for it), and if that's the case, one would need to change everything anyway! At any rate, the closest I'll get to pro is maybe selling a few of my prints (and that's hopeful!) I'm not going to shoot ads/commercials, weddings or even other people's family portraits, so I think the Sony will work fine for my purposes.

Nikons APS-C lenses works on the FF cameras, but the cameras crop the images to APS-C since they dont fill out the sensor area. So you get about 10 mp on a 24 mp Nikon D600 or about 16 mp on a 36 mp Nikon D800.

On the other hand, many lenses you may want to buy for an APS-C Nikon are really FF lenses. Lenses like the 50, 85, 105, 70-300, 70-200 and many more.

As for your choice between SLT or DSLR, I personally dont like the EVFs and would prefer a good OVF any time. But, checking prices, the SLT Sonys seems very competitive pricewise, at least the simpler models.

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