Want to know why climate change denialists exist?

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Barrie Davis
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Re: Want to know why climate change denialists exist?
In reply to DreamsAreDust, Feb 4, 2013

DreamsAreDust wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

DreamsAreDust wrote:

lanef wrote:

Easy, follow the money.

Even if that was true, why would it make man-made climate change be happening?

Just to give Barrie claim to being unbiased.. sorry.. what was I thinking.

Want to know why "man-made climate change" people exist?

"Easy, follow the money."

Even if that was true, why would it make man-made climate change be NOT happening?

If your motives were honest and transparent you would have said the same comment to lanef and his " Easy, follow the money."..

What is your PROBLEM with people making their living trying to fix what is WRONG with the world?

It is called "having a vocation."

Having a vocational job is considered a particularly WORTHY and ETHICAL way to get by in this world. The urge to improve matters for their fellow man, and indirectly for the planet, is what motivates teachers, nurses, charity workers, etc.... all the people in the most worthwhile of occupations.

What is interesting is why YOU cannot see this...[??] I find this very suspicious. What is it that is so twisted about YOUR perceptions that the whole "betterment of mankind as motivation" thing went right over your head... didn't even occur to YOU?

Certainly the people I know that are scared sh¡t-less by what is happening to the global climate, are contemporaries scared on behalf of generations to come. We will not be affected. We will be dead before the worst happens....

.... but we will have perpetrated the crime of inaction upon those future generations...

.... and that does concern me.

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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