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Another SLT show-stopper sometimes: existing lenses

MoreorLess wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Mainly it's the viewfinder. If you've cut your teeth on optical viewfinders, then it can seem strange to go to an electronic one. The pellicle mirror design in the SLT also cuts about 1/3 a stop of light, so presumably you have slightly less wiggle room in very low light. But really, a 1/3 a stop is nothing, so it's a non-issue in real life.

The A57 is an excellent camera.

When you consider how much people obcess over ISO/lens performance I'm say thats questionable.

The A57 to me seems like the best use of SLT design for non videographers, high FPS in relatively cheap bodies as an expensive mirror assembley capable of flipping 10 times a second isnt needed.

I'm guessing for alot of people its also not just the SLT design that puts them off Sony but fears about long term support.

Or, they have a shelf full of Canon or Nikon lenses. In my case, I could justify buying anothe EF-s body but not several new lenses. Sony has a leg up on Canon in the non-pro end of the market but not for the huge base of compatible lenses, all of which can be used on the Rebel series.


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