Canon interview: the end of the DX pro line

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Re: Canon interview: the end of the DX pro line
In reply to WD, Feb 3, 2013

WD wrote:

DX is dead! FX is the answer. Really? Actually, dSLR is dying, not dead yet, but dying a slow death. Whether DX, FX, m43 or something else, the mirror is going away. Sensor technology and the stimulus for increased camera sales with the incessant "more pixels...better quality" pitch is over for camera mfrs. They need something new & more exciting. FX vs. DX SLR users banging heads is like football fans after a tough match between fierce rivals.

Could it be that no more "pro" DX lenses are being produced because of the flange to sensor distance a mirrored body requires? Why make more new lenses for a dying camera design? The recent accent by Nikon has been on FX and it's been a a point. It's caused many DX users to upgrade along with D700, etc., but it's slowing down. There will always be a need for the highest possible image quality, thereby the need for large sensors, i.e., FX or even larger. But, it won't be remotely close to the most profitable, high volume niche. Now what?

The overwhelming volume of camera users don't need/want a 36mp, behemoth, expensive dSLRs. Face facts! Take a look at the Sony, m4/3s and Nikon 1 forums. (I don't own Sony or m4/3, but recently purchased a V1 out of curiosity.) The enthusiasm for these cameras amongst users is evident. Remember, these are early generations, but the technology is developing rapidly. IMHO, there is nothing a dSLR can do that mirrorless cannot, eventually, do better or well enough, at lower cost, with more compact, light-weight body dimensions, features, and speed.

Sensor technology is in the upper tier of development for quality. Little more is needed besides cost reduction. CD focus, EVF displays, "pro" style bodies for mirrorless are progressing rapidly and the future is wide open. Nikon and Canon know it and they will respond...or shrink.

The timeline is debatable, as is this opinion. However, after actually USING the V1 for awhile, my 5 dSLRS and dozen lenses are seriously looking like orphans. Rather than D400, Nikon may very well be working on a true "pro" quality mirrorless that takes that technology to the head of the class. That's where the money is!

And none of that suggests what new and affordable camera I can buy today that shoots long range action better than the D300. Your trends are probably true, but none of these new directions are delivering today for the action photographer better than the D300.  Since it will likely be awhile until mirroless AF gets to the desired level, that's why Nikon needs a new camera in the meantime if they want to keep the action photographers who can't or won't spend $6000 on a D4.

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